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    8th gen rear subwoofer issue

    Hi I own a 2009 accord ex with premium sound system and I decided to upgrade my standard subwoofer to an aftermarket subwoofer in the boot. I've run the power from the battery and done the remote hook up it powers/lights up fine I used the existing subwoofer wire terminal to connect a line...
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    Stage 2 remap by Fahad @ premier tuning

    I have a 2.2 dtec ex I've had the dpf fixed from my mechanic who said he done a custom remap. The car has more poke as he said he turned up the boost pressure and he claimed that the car was hitting 190bhp. Seemed quick at the time but feels a bit sluggish now. If i wanted a stage 2 remap what...
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    18" delta paint code

    Hi. Does anyone know the correct colour code for the 18" honda "delta" alloy wheels please. They are two tone. I am after the colur of the dark sections of the wheel. Thanks all :)
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    EX to es gt Conversion

    Hi how did you fit the esgt side skirts onto the ex?? There are no square holes for the fixings to hold on to
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    Can i make my satnav dvd player play film dvds

    I'm no expert but if there was a way to override the reverse gear wiring so that the reverse camera display stayed on only the reverse camera was hooked up to a dvd player instead . Anyway that's wishful thinking from me :)