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    Intermittent battery light

    have had car in for diagnostic different garage he tells me battery only holding charge at 11.4 volts returned to battery supplier who checked agreed and changed battery. Still does it. Argh
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    Intermittent battery light

    Hi I know that others have reported a similar problem but I cant find an answer. Recent months battery went flat whilst I was working on car with key in first position. Car 2006 with 116,000 on clock. Changed battery for new one. No problems for 2 months then flattened new battery and had to be...
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    Thanks for the above threads. My 2003 Accord tourer started with similar problems 2 months ago. Rest of system worked but HFT buttons dead. tried contact cleaner on steering wheel. no response, then it worked for 10 mins and stopped. This morning tried buttons as I do on a regular basis. It was...