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    Genuine honda roof bars 4d -03 fitting instructions

    Does anybody have the fitting instructions for the genuine honda roof bars ? I understand how to fit them, its the actual position on the car I need to know.
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    Auto gearbox slight whine.

    Gearbox oil is pink/red and it's at the max level. Think it was done at 75k. The service book stamp shows the timing belt was done at 75k but this engine has a chain I believe and the stamp was directly above the gearbox oil change stamp position so think they stamped the wrong box! Just...
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    Auto gearbox slight whine.

    Hi. I picked up a 54 plate accord saloon 2.0 auto last week and love it already! The car is in outstanding condition for a 10 year old car, even under the bonnet looks almost new, and it drives fantastic. I do have one concern though. I've noticed a very very slight whine around 50mph (possibly...