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    Gearbox Oil Specs

    Put your car details on the Opie Oils website & see what they recommend for it.
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    Accord Full LED Conversion - Bulb Guide - Courtesy of

    Quick question - Accord mk7 - I've got a 2004 & it has the older style headlamps with an orange indicator lens - are these headlamps interchangeable with the facelift headlamps from 2005 which have a clear indicator lens & orange bulbs ? They do look the same shape lamps but just wanted to ask...
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    Rear Brake Piston

    BiggRed are great for caliper repair kits, I've used them many times:
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    Do I need a re-gas?

    When I bought my 2004 tourer about 3 weeks ago, the air-con was not working & it was a faulty relay - £4 from eBay & a common failure apparently. Also the condenser was badly deteriorated, so I changed that for a Nissens one & had it regassed - all working well now.
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    headlamp washers

    Yes they only work when you wash the windscreen with the headlamps switched on. There is a separate pump that fits halfway up the washer bottle, easily accessed once the front bumper is removed.
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    Bluetooth adaptor

    My 2004 Accord has the head unit with integral 6-cd changer. Any recommendations for a bluetooth adaptor to plug into the aux port please ? On my other car I've got a connects2 adaptor which works well, but I'm not sure whether the Connects2 adaptor for Honda works with the 6-CD changer head...
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    Going from 205/55 to 205/60

    It used to be +/- 10% speedo accuracy, but now in this politically correct world, it's + 10% only. A speedo is no longer permitted to read a lower speed than actual.
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    2008 Accord Clutch/Cruise Control Issues

    Thanks - useful
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    Workshop manual for 2004 Accord

    Guys, Picking up a 2004 Accord tourer tomorrow - 2 litre petrol. Anyone got a link where I can download a workshop manual ? Or where can I buy one ? Thanks John