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    Throttle body coolant delete

    My 2.0 petrol runs as sweet as ever but one annoying problem its always had on hard/hot/long runs is intake heatsoak leading to a noticable drop in grunt.Now im aware this engine is maybe under powered especially in the tourer.That said it pulls really well initially but as things hot up you can...
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    Wheel spacers info needed

    I am in exactly same position as you.I have just spent £180 on four new hubcentric japspeed spacers for my mk7 tourer having never used them before.I also didn't want to place any strain on bearings etc so opted 15mm all round just to bring my 17" alloys almost flush with arch.Im yet to fit them...
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    Ball joint press

    Defo correct way to tackle this i agree! Thanks for the tips guys.
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    Ball joint press

    Sound advice thankyou! I am a little concerned though about abs ring and sensor.The videos ive seen show the plastic sensor itself needing removing from hub but breaks on removal.The last thing i wana do is end up breaking it and enter a whole new world of pain lol
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    Ball joint press

    Would you recommend any particular ball joints? Ive read delphi ones are decent? Dont plan on doing this job twice lol
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    Ball joint press

    No air tools unfortunately but i have pretty much everything else and a little workshop.Im thinking i will pick up one of these press kits and as you say i can just fabricate anything i need or adapt the cups/press tools.
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    Tailgate again!

    Thats why we are here and more often than not most problems get sorted without the need for expensive diagnosis and garage repairs!
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    Ball joint press

    Im looking to replace both lower ball joints but im unsure whether the universal C clamp press kits that are widely available on ebay etc are suitable? There are small 10 piece sets and some more expensive 31 piece sets so id opt for the latter as contains more sizes. I did replace upper/lower...
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    Tailgate again!

    From experience i can tell you removing battery for a while can reset and allow tailgate function but it will fail again until fault found.My previous broken wire in hinge loom aside i did have another problem meaning i had to do a reset every few days.Turned out i had a leak which was filling...
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    Accord k20a6 grinding starter?

    No worries glad you sorted it.
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    Replacing tourer bumpers

    Will facelift type s bumpers fit CL7 pre facelift tourer? Im sure the rear will but not sure about front.Apart from having different fog light ***embly they appear alike. Reason i ask is i was planning a respray on my rear bumper as paint colour has faded a little due to age.This may be an...
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    This is something i want to tackle this year.My arches are good so i want to keep them that way by cleaning and greasing behind lips.I had a half ***ed go at liner removal last year but looked tricky so decided to leave it.I might be wrong but im sure theres a couple of bolts to remove as well...
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    Accord k20a6 grinding starter?

    Hi thats a bad ignition switch.I had same symptoms.In your first clip this is the failing switch turning starter for a second or two after engine has already fired up.Second clip is switch shorting out.Fairly simple to replace just need remove trim around steering wheel and binacle from memory...
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    Tar Spots

    Rag soaked in white spirits has always worked for me.No effort just gently wipe tar spots off then a bucket of soapy water to rinse down.
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    Gone and Got Another One!

    Hi.The executive is a good choice lots of extras and buttons lol but nothing you need a manual for.Just have a play around you'll soon figure out what does what.As for the tailgate theres a wealth of information here...most of which has been covered recently.You report yours wont stay open...