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    Grrrr. Now the front caliper is sticking.

    I had one of my rear calipers replaced a while ago due to the commonplace Accord problem. I noticed today that my car was 'juddering/wobbling' It took me a while to work out what the problem was. I realised that my offside front wheel was absolutely NUCLEAR hot!! When I pulled into the...
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    03 Auto Gearbox

    I had a similar issue on mine. It seemed to 'hesitate' or 'judder' very briefly. A gearbox oil change later and the problem has vanished and not returned.
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    Looking for a 2.4 Auto Tourer

    That black one is identical to mine apart from mine has the Epsilon alloys and a DVD disc. ;) Oh, and only 80k on the clock.
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    Looking for a 2.4 Auto Tourer

    Hi Rich. I'm seriously considering selling my 2004 2.4 if your interested.
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    The old bus decided to have a funny five minutes the other a really inconvenient moment. Just packing up the tent at the end of our camping trip. Annoyingly the heavens opened while taking down the tent so much to the amusement of other campers I had to pack away a wet tent...
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    To flap or not to flap

    All fitted now. Easy job and I am quite chuffed with the extra 'chunkiness' the provide for the minimal outlay. Yeh Epsilon's are the best set I've probably ever seen. There is some damage to 'em but it's minimal and the crazy corrosion that most suffer with appears to have avoided...
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    To flap or not to flap

    Howdy guys. I appreciate the comments, I've owned the car for two years and haven't noticed any issues with the car getting muddy or chipped. Fitting the flaps is I am afraid a purely aesthetic exercise for me. :ph34r: Well, I 'trial' fitted 'em today and to my surprise actually liked 'em. I...
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    To flap or not to flap

    So the question the mudflaps enhance or spoil the clean lines of the Accord? I've managed to get hold of a full set for my tourer but can't decide whether to fit 'em or not. What do you reckon?
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    Rubbing from rear wheel hub/brakes

    I had the nearside brake hub replaced about six months ago due to it sticking and getting hot. I've now got a sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh sound coming from the brakes on the same wheel. Should I just run with it? Stick it in the garage?
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    bumper lip identity? type s? a-spec?

    Not sure if the rear bumpers are different, but that is definitely a pre-facelift rear unit. A bit of googling seems to indicate that the bumpers are slightly different.
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    From 16" to 18" alloys

    Nice wheels, but they will look a million times better if the car gets lowered.
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    Odd noise on start-up

    Got to the bottom of it! :D Noticed today that the parrot hands free kit I have installed was dead. Quick wiggle of the wires in the back of it and next time I started up the car.....hey presto! Illuminated Parrot and no beep-beep-beep-beep! Panic over!
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    Odd noise on start-up

    Come again?
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    Odd noise on start-up

    Deffo not the seatbelt chime. It's doing it again today! The only extra aftermarket thing I have fitted is an Ipod connector that's been in the car for years. :( It's not affecting anything at all.....just puzzling!
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    Odd noise on start-up

    Anyone got any idea what this noise is? You hear the seat belt chime then a peculiar rapid beeping.......I'm perplexed!