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    Welcome to TypeAccord. Can you post in English please.
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    Cel Light on Suspected Maf issue

    If you started the engine with the maf disconnected then you will have an error that just needs to be cleared with any compatible obd2 code reader
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    OH MY GOD. I’ve just realised which ‘John’ I finally met today!! You sneaky bugger why didn’t you tell me you were one of our longstanding (and sometimes infuriating) members. I’m writing this with a huge smile on my face and have had to explain to the mrs exactly why I’m smiling. Well even...
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    Air Con not working 8th Gen Accord

    Yes if you remove the pressure sensor, the gas will escape.
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    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) does not work anymore.

    Yep clutch pedal switch most likely original cause
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    Me and my invisible car

    Love the intro LOL, welcome to TypeAccord
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    Fabulous news David. You can always live without lkas for a while till you source the correct unit. I’m due to be in the workshop Saturday morning with another accord. Pop by I’ll plug the HDS again in for you, maybe we can try a system reset.
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    8th gen accord are there any serious issues with petrol engines ?

    No known issues at all to be honest, quite possibly one of the best engineered engine range ever made.
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    Need an opinion - grey foil

    Not to my taste mate but if you like it, that’s really all that matters.
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    AC dont work

    Well done for fixing it
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    Stage 2 remap and EGR blanking from Premier Tuning

    Clearly what you meant was whilst your seatbelt is fastened and you have a passenger safely filming you on a quiet private road..
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    Oh that’s not good at all mate. Worth going for the eBay unit maybe and then you’ll know..
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    Stage 2 remap and EGR blanking from Premier Tuning

    Stage 2 @ 192bhp/325lbft peak
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    Do 7th Gens Suffer From Rust?

    That’s a great tip might try it on my classic Saab
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    Engine swap, N22a1 2.2 I-ctdi

    Yes it will fit but there are differences on some of the ancillaries and the egr setup is totally different as both the crv and FRV have an egr cooler.
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    Type s remap day @premier Tunning

    Type S tunes to 232bhp with our stage 2 we don’t tune the 7th gen K series sorry, but we do tune the FN2 civic and 8th gen K24
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    2.2 i-dtec starter

    I’m ***uming you’ve tried jump starting the vehicle with leads on another diesel car with its engine running? If so and you still have the same issue then yes it could well be a jammed starter. you cannot rely on the battery indicator, just one weak or dead cell will cause this issue but still...
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    Did I kill the engine with the wrong oil?

    Are there any other symptoms? Smoking, smells etc? Could the knocking sound be coming from one of your injectors rather than the engine? I agree that the 5w40 is unlikely to have killed it, but perhaps if the oil pump was already weak then the slightly heavier weight of oil may have been the...
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    LKAS ACC error after new tyre fitted.

    You won’t be able to interrogate the system with a basic code reader
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    LKAS ACC error after new tyre fitted.

    I don’t think such a small difference in rolling radius should cause this. Are you able to have the car scanned with a Honda system to check what error code is presenting?