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    Dashcam Hardwire

    Hey all, Recently (after a lorry nearly hit me) I acquired a dashcam and have been trying to hardwire it into the accord. I'm connected to fuse 16 on the passenger side fusebox which is supposed to be the accessory power socket in the luggage area. I'm thinking this is a 12v lighter socket...
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    521000 miles on 2.2 idtec, WOW!

    Just spotted this, what a great testament to this Accord model: 2009 honda accord 2.2 idtec automatic estate. At 521000 miles you could say its high mileage!! I purchased it in 2012 with...
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    Car Future

    I'm kinda worried about the future. Apparently we all gonna be using electric cars by 2040 for sure but could be 2032 maybe if the deadline is bought forward. That sounds a long ways off but the way time flys by it will soon be upon us. Not sure how we all gonna get to be persuaded to relinquish...
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    EGR pipe

    Hi All, Diesel fumes all over the place, think its egr pipe related from threads on this site. I been looking at some schematics trying to figure out which pipe it is before ordering one. Can anyone help...
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    High speed judder/vibration

    Hi All, I'm new to the site so hoping somebody can help. I bought an Accord 2.2 i-dtec ES GT 2010 plate with 150000 on the clock. Just been to Portugal and back, 3500 miles total, all good apart from a judder/vibration at the front end when going over 65mph. If Anybody has any ideas I'd...