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    Rear Brake Piston

    Hi All. I am changing the rear disc pads on my 58 plate saloon but the piston does not slide back in and there does not seem to be a way to wind it back in. Should it just push back because that is what I seem to remember. Oh, it is the offside if that makes any difference. Thanks.
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    Car Security System not flashing.

    Hi All. When I press my key fob I can open and close the doors but the indicator lights do not flash, you know the once for open 3 times for locked. I have checked the hazard lights and indicator lights and they all work. Any ideas? Thanks Stephen
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    Sunroof seal

    Hi All. The front of my sunroof seal looks like it has been given a good pecking by the local sea gulls. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement seal? All I have been able to find is that you have to buy the glass as well. Regards
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    Gear Change Prompt Display

    Hi, Does anyone know what triggers the green light to display saying change up or change down? Mine seems to say change down in 5th gear and sort of gets stuck on. I might be going mad. Regards Stephen
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    2009 Accord Exec Handbrake adjustment

    Hi, Does anyone know how to adjust the handbrake on a Accord 2009 Exec? I have removed the panel at the back of the centre console but all I can see are the air vents etc. How do I get further in or do I have to come in through the top? Regards
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    Cracked EGR pipe & DPF problem

    Hi, So my DPF filter says it is blocked (warning light one) and I have a cracked EGR pipe. Is this a coincidence or could the cracked pipe cause the DPF to block? Thanks
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    DPF and Cruise Control

    Hi all. My Accord diesel has done 180k miles and 99% on miles are on the motorway. Yesterday my DPF and a ! came up on my dash as I was on the motorway. I have never used cheap fuel so was a little surprised. It lost power, as the book says it will but also cruise control stopped working as...
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    Dipped beam

    Hi, Having replaced my dipped beams on my Accord due to them blowing, I must say how underwhelmed I am with the replacements. Osram Night somethings. I cannot say I have ever been impressed by the Accords dipped beams, but now they seem worse. Does anyone else think the Dipped beams are a little...
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    Dipped Beam Replacement

    Come on this must be some kind of joke. I was just quoted £66.00 to replace my dipped beams. Looking on line, some people talk about removing the bumper to do this (does anyone know of a guide for removing the bumper?). I have removed the screws and pulled back the liner but I do not see any...
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    Engine Oil Change

    Hi, I have a 2009 diesel Accord. Where is the engine oil drain plug? Do I have to remove the big plate underneath the engine? My oil 2004 Accord just had a small panel you removed. Thanks Stephen
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    Radio reception

    Hi, Another observation on my car. So I have had it now for 2 weeks and I think I am getting a bit of a buzz or when some people speak there could be a background noise. If I play a CD the sound is pretty good but the radio, not so good. Any suggestions? Thanks Stephen
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    Owners Manual

    Hi all When I brought my second hand Accord it came with the Naviagtion book and 2 quick set-up books but the main manual missing. Does anyone know where I can download a copy from? I have looked on ebay and it seems to talk of the manual being in 3 parts? If this is correct do I have one of...
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    Tow Bar

    Hi all I am needing a Tow Bar put on my Accord Saloon Exec. I was thinking of doing it myself after getting a quote for £450.00 + £150 if I want some clever connection terminal. Does anyone know of a good guide to how to remove the back bumper (which does have parking sensors). Does anyone know...
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    Phone Set-up

    OK, so I press the button on the steering wheel, it bleeps, I say Phone Set-Up and she says fan up. I have had other people try and still no luck. The phone book is greyed out in the menu. Is there another way to set the phone up other than voice command? Thanks Stephen
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    18 inch alloys

    Hi, Do 18 inch alloys work ok on an Accord? I am looking at buying a car with them and am not sure. Thanks for the help.
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    Rear Brake Caliper Rubbers

    Hi all. I have a tear in my caliper rubber (self inflicted). Is it easy to replace? If so can anyone advise me or is it a garage job? Thanks Stephen
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    Rewinding Brake Caliper

    Hi all I need a hand. My 2004 Accord needs its rear brake pads replaced. I have taken it all apart and started to rewind the piston and it has gone back say 10mm, now it just seems to go around and around. Any ideas? I have released the hand brake. Also, does anyone know where I can get a tool...
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    Sat Nav DVD Player repair

    Hi all. OK so i got the Alpine DVD player out. I have tried to clean the lens but no luck. Does anyone know who can repair these players? Regards
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    ABS Sensor Check

    Hi, I am probably going to buy a second hand ABS sensor. Can anyone tell me how to check it before I install it? Thanks Stephen
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    Rear ABS sensor

    Hi, Are Honda the only people who sell the rear sensor for the Accord. I have tried my favorite parts people but they say Honda only. Regards Stephen