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    Front seats

    Hello guys, has anybody tried to renew front seats? Mine has minor tearing of the leather, left bolster, so i'm thinking how to fix them. I live in EU, so i don't know if UK Accords left seat is interchangeable with EU left seat. (because airbag is on the left), o i need left seat. or maybe...
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    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) does not work anymore.

    The problem is in ***le. Last year (or last few months) ACC was woring OK, after that it sometimes throws notification (ACC OFF) when i tried to set the speed, and now it always says ACC OFF when i try to set the speed. What gives? No check engine light ar no check ACC light, this evening i...
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    Squeeks and rattles

    Hello guys, i just bought my accord, and after few week i started to search where are cracks and squeeks are coming from. So here is the video, do you have the same problems, how do you fix them? 1: it is possible to fix that silver rattling small...
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    Differences between Tourer and Sedan

    Hello guys, I am looking to buy a used car, and my history about cars well taught me, that more reliable car than honda is difficult to find :) So currently Im looking into sedans of accord 2,2 i-dtec... But my dad says that tourer is better, because it is more all rounder in every way. So...