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    Front Windscreen Wiper Motor

    Out of the blue my front windscreen wiper motor appears to have failed. Are these easy to change? Anyone know if it’s worth opening it up to try and mend? I’m ***uming not. Thanks very much.
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    Dpf new mot

    So....topic of the day - will the new mot really be able to discover a dpf has been removed?
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    VSA light .... and many many others

    Posting by way of info..... my VSA/TSA/ABS and pretty much everything else illuminated a few months and 7k miles ago. When the car was off and locked the brake lights came on too. After 48hrs it returned to normal. Then the same thing happened a couple of weeks back, but just add the auto...
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    wobbly steering under load

    I have been getting wobbly steering under load. The wheels are true and the garage check (an Indie, not Honda) have not seen anything untoward happening. She is at 170k miles so it could be just that the suspension is getting a little 'saggy' but i wondered if anyone else had experienced...
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    ABS VSA module detached

    I wonder if anyone can help. After a slightly humpy road and small bash on the underside of the front bumper a mass crash of the electrical system happened where all the ABD VSA power steering and big ! lights came on and also my brake lights! A clear of the codes brought up that the 'module...
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    Bumper clips

    Hello - can anyone let me know if there are any other clips i need to attach a replacement bumper other than the 10mm stanadard round ones. My accord tourer will be having its bumper replaced and the garage (non-Honda) is asking for £40 for the clips. Thanks.
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    spraying parking sensors

    So i am buying some parking sensors and retaining clips and these are not direct from Honda) but has anyone experience of whether these can be sprayed as they all come black? When i ask the ebay sellers they either say 'no' or do not reply. I am thinking that surely they can be as they all...
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    Where to buy front parking sensors

    Hi - I am getting an OEM bumper from a wreckers and need three front parking sensors for it. I simply will not pay £195 per sensor to Honda so wondered if anyone knew where to get ones that are compatible for less outlay please? Thanks,
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    remap at Premier Tuning - review

    So I took the plunge goodness, i can actually hear my turbo whistling now and the pull is superb and i will not be getting any carbon gunking everything up either :-) Such a polite chap too and I cannot fault his enthusiasm and knowledge and honesty and straightforward thinking. I...
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    Hft saying tel connected but none are

    After a call my hft said that I was still in TEL mode, even when I switched my phone off. I've turned the car off - even looked it and walked away for ten mins but to no avail. Anyone had this problem? Can I reset the hft or will disconnecting the battery be the only solution?
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    Ingalls 35623 camber kit

    After much delay I'm finally investing in an Ingalls adjustable rear camber toe kit 35623 from the States but before I parted with my cash I wondered if there was now anything better out there or are these items still good. They have come down quite a bit in money in the last year. Thanks in...
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    Washing machine

    Will the 8th gen tourer swallow a standard size washing machine in its boot??
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    Turbo trouble

    So I had my solenoid valve replaced as per the diagnostic code and 5 days later I get the engine light on again and the car goes into limp mode so in again I went to Johnsons in MK. They did more diagnostics and told me they'd need to send it all off to Honda UK. I've got the results back and...
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    Turbo Boost P00AF

    Evening all - i have a query about diagnostic code P00AF that comes up. It says it is to do with the turbo boost and my local indie garage have a Honda guy who says there is a recent bulletin about that and a software update is required, for a fee, but when i ask my local Honda dealer that have...
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    smell when heater on

    Does anyone else notice that when they have the heater on the amount of external smells that come in is pretty high. Is there supposed to be some sort of filter somewhere for these or is it standard? I do not notice external smells so much in any other car. Be interested in your views. Thanks
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    Tyre change - from Nexen to Falken

    My Nexen 8000's on the front finally gave out at @23k miles - not bad really for an £85 tyre. The rear ones are still good for a few months so they are now on the front but I spent bit more this time round on some Falken ZE914 tyres and these are now on the rear. The Nexens, whilst superb...
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    auto trans fluid change

    I recall I read somewhere that the oil on the auto box should be changed at a certain mileage to avoid expensive issues. I have just had a service at 72k or so and it had not come up on the VSR so i wondered if it should have done and if not, when is it generally good practice to do it? Thanks...
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    Iphone 6 / iOS 8

    Has anybody else noticed that with an iphone 6 (or maybe just general iOS 8 upgrade) that music can no longer be played through the phone? The radio read out srates' version unsupported'. Bluetooth connection to make calls is fine but podcasts and music is now seemingly not possible. Has anyone...
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    name of part

    I have taken out the under boot tray thing of my tourer and put in space saver (i like the fact there is still some storage under there if a space saver is used) so will be selling the boot tray thing i have no need for now but what is this part actually called? Does anyone know please?
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    iphone not recognised anymore

    I have used my iPhone 4 faultlessly to play music from, buy having it plugged into the the Aux socket. However, as of last week my Honda system will not recognise my iPhone. Anyone else had this problem as got round it at all? Thanks.