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    Type S clutch for EX GT what DMF to use ?

    Hi Guys I am getting to the stage where a new clutch is due (153k ) I think the original one is whats in it still and was going to do the DMF at the same time. I have a type S clutch for my EX GT Tourer but which DMF do you get to fit the type S clutch is it Type S DMF or one for...
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    Got remap done now losing major mpg

    Hi Guys I got a remap done on my 2009 EX GT Tourer back in November all was fine was very happy with map was getting roughly the same MPG 45-47 before remap and I expected it to drop about so I thought happy days until last two weeks MPG has dropped to 25-27 MPG and not losing...
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    18in Sigma alloys

    Hi Guys I am looking for some Honda Sigma wheels do any of you guys know of any for sale at moment.