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  1. J

    Stolen Exhaust

    Left the Accord in a large hotel car park at Heathrow for a few days when I went on holiday. Got back to find it making throaty noises like a boy racer when revved. Took it to the garage today, and they showed me under the car, roughly under the front passenger seats, where the exhaust had been...
  2. J

    Remap and New Emissions rules

    I can't be the only one wondering this. My car is running a Stage 1 remap, EGR delete MOT isn't till Feb 2019, but I am wondering how it would fare with the new MOT regulations for diesels.
  3. J

    Earthing Point for Dash Cam

    Hi chaps. Very rarely post on here because the Accord is so reliable :) I bought a dashcam after someone reversed into my other car recently. It's a nextbase, and I have managed to feed it into the headliner and A pillar nicely... found a fuse to piggy back off in the cuboard by the drivers...
  4. J

    Intermittent Handbrake Problem

    Long time lurker but only post when I have a problem, which isn't very often :) Parked on a moderate hill last week, put handbrake on (not all the way, but firmly on), left it in neutral. Came back to find the car had rolled forwards 2 meters and was only a meter away from a BMW 6 series :o...
  5. J

    Quoted £220 for a service

    This includes OW30 oil (they said this will be £80 for 8 litres) £220 is the price they quoted me, and I will be supplying my own fuel filter. So £250 total cost to me Isn't this a little high ?
  6. J

    Accord Performance Stats

    Does anyone have a link to the full stats for the diesel accord ? In gear times, 0-60mph, 0-100mph etc, 0-100-0
  7. J

    Rear ended, what to do next ?

    I had to brake moderately hard for a roundabout (queuing traffic ahead), and then a full 5 seconds or so later a woman in a Kia drives into the back of me moderately hard. I feel fine, the impact was like someone kicking my seat hard. She gave me a number. I got pics of the damage to my car...
  8. J

    Max loading weight - only 450 kg ?

    Handbook says max weight is 1970 kg. Give my diesel weighs ~1520 kg unladen, does that mean the Accord can only carry 450 kg of load ? That seems very modest to me. Carry five average sized 90 kg men and then they can't legally carry any luggage. Last weekend I carried 500 kg of passengers &...
  9. J

    Intermittent Power Steering Failure

    First noticed this yesterday on way home from work. Doing about 50 on a straight road and the wheel felt a little heavier in my hands for a few seconds, then was back to it's usual effortless motion again. In the gym car park something similar, but being a low speed maneuver it was quite...
  10. J

    What speed would hypothetically yield the highest MPG ?

    Without wanting to get side tracked into a debate about going too slow on a motorway. On a flat road at what constant speed would the iCDTI engine yield the highest fuel economy ? My educated guess is that 50 mph (1500 rpm in 5th) would be the answer as any slower and the engine struggles in...
  11. J

    broken down at side of road

    I was doing about 60 in 3rd, floored it, and insteak of accelerating smoothly, it jerked, accelerated and then the engine died. The oil lamp, battery light and the other icon that sits in that cluster all lit up and I lost power steer too. Tried turning the engine on, but it won't start altough...
  12. J

    Was I ripped off ? (service and MOT)

    I had my Diesel Accord serviced by an independent mechanic recommended by a friend. He fitted new brake discs on my car a few months back for £200. Then he serviced (92k service, last serviced on 78k) and MOT'd it last week. Labour - 3 hours @ £45 per hour = £135 Environment Waste - £3...
  13. J

    Silly question about Wiper My wipers leave this mark on the windscreen. If I apply the washer jets then it takes the mark away but it comes back quickly. Also the wipers make a rubbing noise when they are turned on, even when the windscreen is wet. Do I need new wipers, or...
  14. J

    Young driver (22) and remap

    I'm looking to get my 2.2 diesel remapped to circa 180 bhp, however my current insurer (elephant) will not insure me for such a large power increase. My insurance is up for renewal in Jan, and the cheapest price unmodified that I have been quoted is £800 (also with elephant). Where would be...
  15. J

    Best Tyres for under £100 each ?

    I need 2 new tyres, and Kwik Fit are selling budgets from £51 (including fitting, disposal etc) Would the accord benefit significantly from more expensive tyres ? I don't want to blow £100 if a £50 tyre will do 99% as good a job as the more expensive tyre. And can anyone recommend me any good...
  16. J

    Level 4 service

    So I was checking the service receipts and as it transpires my Accord was given a Level 4 service back in Feb 2013 with 77k on the clock. It came to £380 for the Level 4 service, how often does this level 4 need doing ?
  17. J

    What's the most miles you've done on a tank?

    Just wondering what people's personal bests on mileage out of an Accord tank are. I've only had my CDTI a couple of weeks now. Best has been 650 miles on a tank, can anyone top 800 ?
  18. J

    Allow diesel engine to idle before switching off?

    Hi, Firstly hello :) Last weekend I brought a 2005 Accord 2.2 CDTI Exec, and haven't looked back. In the manual it mentions that the car should be allowed to idle for 10 seconds at the start of a journey, and allowed to idle for 10 seconds at the end of a journey in order to protect the...