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  1. ChrisC78

    Saying Goodbye to 6th Gen - free to a good home!

    Good afternoon everyone! After 4 years of owning my beloved 6th Gen, I've now changed jobs and been given a works van to dash about in which has left my Accord sitting on the drive with nowhere to go. Would anyone on the forum be willing to take her off my hands? It's a good runner, but with...
  2. ChrisC78

    Lumpy idle and stalling F20B6 - Help!

    I've got my MOT coming up next month and I really need to do something about my car's lumpy idle... It's fine when cold and starts up and runs smoothly. When it's warm it's a pain in the backside - lumpy idle and stalling when pulling up at traffic lights etc. If I've been driving for about...
  3. ChrisC78

    door inner plastic liner

    I've had the Drivers door card off my car today to investigate a window rattle and attempt my own dent removal! I had to take off the plastic liner sheet which was stuck down with a phenomenal amount of the stickiest, most evil substance known to man! I've used white spirit to clean off the...
  4. ChrisC78

    Air Conditioning - any weak points in the system that could cause trouble?

    The Air-Con isn't working in my car at the moment. Before I bought it it was standing around for about 2 years, only covering about 1000 miles a year. The condition under the bonnet for a 15yr old car is very impressive and all the components look to be in good condition and I'm suspecting all...
  5. ChrisC78

    Driver's auto electric window fail

    Greetings everyone, New to the Forum and recently bought a 1999 2.0 VTEC. One minor niggle is that the driver's electric window does not operate in the "AUTO" mode. It goes up and down fine, but it won't go all the way up/down when the switch is fully pressed. Can anyone help with a...