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    MTEC discs and pads

    Hi all! My brake discs and pads are in need of replacing soon, and just trying to weigh up the different options. I have been looking at the MTEC Front and Rear Grooved/Dimpled disc with Mintex pad, and can get them for around £180. These seem to have really really good reviews from the chaps...
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    Steel Wheel Help

    Help! I have just put a set of steel wheels on my Accord (have bought a set to put winter tyres on, but thought I may as well use the tyres up 1st and save my alloys!), and the appear to be rubbing against the caliper?! It's a Sport GT and the steel wheels are from a new shape Civic- are they a...
  3. J

    I hate shopping for tyres!

    Right, it's that time again! I am looking around for tyres, and have narrowed my choice down to these 2: Uniroyal Rainsport 2 Contintal Sport Contact 2 So far they are both around £110 a corner (ouch!). The Contintal seem to be a more premum brand, but the Civic boys and girls seem to highly...
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    Which Generation

    Bit of a random one, but we have one of these sitting on out driveway. Can anyone tell me which generation it is? I think its 2nd As it isn't really worth a lot, is it easy to supercharge and have as a trackday car? I got the impression the yanks do this a lot? Shame really, as it's...
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    Nokia N97 and HFT

    I have been having a few problems with the Nokia N97 since I bought the car. The phone will pair and everything, but error when I try to make a call! I went to France over xmas, and though I would try it again while driving down- it worked! I decided to do some investigating, why would it...