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    Type S alloys for Pentas

    Hello all I've not been on here much recently but I'm still enjoying my Accord Type S that I've had for almost a year ! (Fahad will tell you that is a record!!) Its a 55 plate with a mere 45k miles on the clock, in great condition) and although I wish it was a 2.4 (its the 2.0) its a real...
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    Silver Accord - what colour calipers ?

    Hello Next job for me on the Accord is too paint the rusty brake calipers - what colour would be best with a silver car, I know red is the most obvious but not sure if it would look a bit 'too much' Any silver Accord owners painted there calipers red and care to share a photo ? ta
  3. J

    Lowering my Type S

    Right I'll start of by apologising for starting a thread that will have been asked before but I feel my questions are specific to me - oh and thanks to J4JAV for some great advice :) I have never lowered a car before and generally do not like lowered cars - but there has been something bugging...
  4. J

    Ultimate bling ? Not too my taste i must admit !
  5. J

    ****** seats !

    Blimey the seats are a pain in my Accord ! The leather bit is ok but absolutely every crumb and his flippin friends like to nestle in and get stuck in the cloth bit - looks awful ! Is there anyway of getting bits out of the cloth sections ? Other than picking them out one by one ? thanks
  6. J

    Which Spoiler should I go for ?

    My 2006 Type S really needs a boot spoiler. Looking at some on ebay - which do you think is the best ? - says 2003-2005 but not...
  7. J

    Quick clean of Engine bay

    The engine bay of my 2.0 Type S was a bit dirty - probably due to spending its entire life in rural lincolnshire ! So as I'm no expert and didn't want to damage anything I used some general purpose cleaner, a couple of soft paint brushes and a fine mist spray hose. To finish off I had to use a...
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    Anyone fitted Storms or Blades to a Type S ?

    Hi all Has anyone fitted different alloys to there Type S ? Mine has the standard 17" Type S alloys which I do quite like but I cant help wondering what she'd look like with Blades or Storms ! Anyone got any pictures ? cheers
  9. J

    Half an hours hard graft !

    Picked my Accord up on Friday - been away all weekend but managed to give her a quick clean (full detail too follow) and sort out the exhaust tip ! This was how it was... Half an hour later... Well worth the effort me thinks !
  10. J

    Newer Sat Nav disc

    Hello Will be updating my sat nav disc when funds allow - mine is the 2006 version. Would a 2011 version look different i.e a bit more modern or would it look exactly the same but with the newer roads on ? thanks
  11. J

    55 plate - facelift ?

    Hi all Went to see a 55 plate Accord Type S this evening - it was a 55 plate reg in December 05. Not sure if it was a facelift though - as it was petrol you cant tell by the number of gears - it did have a computer that showed mpg etc - does this mean its a facelift ? If so I thought they...
  12. J

    Talk to me about the 2.0 Vtec !

    Right I don't want this to turn into a petrol v diesel debate I just want some honest thoughts on the 2.0 vtec lump :) I'm thinking of going to look at an Accord Type S - 07 with low mileage - will be part chopping my Civic Type S 1.8 - has anyone driven both ? Guessing performance will be...
  13. J

    Accord with 18" Blades ?

    I've not even picked up my Accord yet but I'm already thinking of changing the Penta's on it for something bigger... Has anyone seen an Accord with Blades on ? I know the Storms look great but wondered about the Blades as thats whats on my Civic... Had a hunt around but cant find any pics -...
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    Would go from CDTI to VTEC ?

    Hi all At some stage in the future I will swap my Accord for a facelift version - not thinking about it soon though Obviously the Petrols are quite a lot cheaper and I love the look of the 2.0 Type S - I know its a question thats been asked a lot before but would there be a massive difference...