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    Front Sway Bar Bushings

    Do i need to loosen the sub frame to change the front sway bar bushings? 2009 Tourer DTEC.
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    PGM-FI, Glow Plug Curcuit Open

    I changed all my glow plugs some months ago (ORIGINAL HONDA) and everything have been fine since then. However, the PGM-FI lamp has come back and i read out the first time; Glow Plug Curcuit Open on Plug 2 and 4. I suspect the wiring/connector, took them off and tighten the metal with pliers...
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    DPF replacement, how much work?

    So at 134340km the DPF light came up, and i have pretty much decided to replace the DPF whenever the light come on, so i dont have to drive around not knowing when its gonna come on again again next time. I have forced regen it for now, but it will come on again sooner or later. How much work...
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    i-DTEC & Auto transmission - Flatspots

    Have a Accord Tourer with Auto Trans, done 130.000km now and i love the car. But, i have noticed something when acceleration full throttle out on the highway from 50km/t or something around there, its seems like the car hits a flotspot, and i need to go off the throttle and on again to keep it...
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    Replacement speakers for "Premium Sound"

    I just replaced my doors speakers, rear and front with JVC CS-J1720X (Same as J620) They have less bass than the stock speakers, seems like they need more volume to be on the same level (They are 4 OHM) but they are more crisper.. I have the stock sub also, but i think i want more bass from the...
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    Tuning 2.2 DTEC with Automatic trans - Safe?

    Is it safe to bring the Accord 2.2 DTEC with Automatic transmission up to 180-190hp and 410+nm? How solid are these automatic transmissions on the Accord? Or should i stay away? Chiptuning/re-map