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    Rear Caliper

    Nick do you go for the Hel flexi pipes? Good job? V
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    Fitting Netbase DVD

    Mems, I'm thinking of buying a pair of Nextbase DVD players for the kids. I have a Ex tourer am I right in thinking the seat backs pop off and would allow for discrete routing down to the floor? The second question access up through the centre console into the cubby hole under the arm rest with...
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    Baby Car Seat Recommendations

    What is buckle crunch, I ask as it's an earlier version of the Axxis that I use in the rear of the Tourer! Regards, VinnyC
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    Parrot MKi 9200 installed

    Guys any pics of installs? V
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    Epsilon Alloys+winter tyres

    Was thinking along similar lines for the basic 16's + winters on the tourer (either white or black). The cars graphite and runs summer Pentas. PS sorry for hijack. V
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    How about a Honda Shuttle (cough)? Where a pair of TA member agree a sale and with the aid of other member shuttle items from vender to purchaser. There must be enough of us. The North Channel (NI-Sco) is the most expensive stretch of water in world!! :unsure: V
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    Anyone bought fitted Tourer Sun Shades

    Yeah, thats the supplier most use. I have a set myself. They'll arrive in a huge box. Being mainland your P&P will be reasonable!! Check for window tints under General Chat the topic is discussed there. V
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    Valet Pro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

    Who sells the Valet Pro range? V
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    Hi Alnug, got THAOC sticker yesterday. Many thanks, V

    Hi Alnug, got THAOC sticker yesterday. Many thanks, V