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  1. Hobester

    Question for 2.4 owners

    7th gen CM2 2.4 Tourer Exec, K24A3, 6-speed manual, running an AEM induction kit. Worst 23mpg Best 39mpg
  2. Hobester

    VSA Modulator Light

    Wow, nice one Jav, I think that's the first time I've known of anyone swapping one over themselves! As said, that would be a fantastic 'How To' when you have the time
  3. Hobester

    Accord PETROL Remap

    Al, superb write up mate, I'm so excited about this now I've read your feedback. I was saving up for something else, but the fund will be for this now. One question mate, I'm running an AEM induction kit - will this have any bearing on getting the work done? PM also sent.
  4. Hobester

    Hondata - ECU reflash/reprogramming

    You and me both pal !! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for updates on this B)
  5. Hobester

    American dealer - Sports Compact Only EXCELLENT!

    Al, I thought you already had a short shifter fitted? I remember you posting about it as it was what inspired me to get mine.
  6. Hobester

    Hondata - ECU reflash/reprogramming

    Oh man, I cannot wait to see what this is gonna be!!
  7. Hobester

    Anti roll bar (swaybar) End links revised

    I've not long had all my droplinks replaced (3 months ago). I had a broken one and as you have to replace the pair, I decided to get the other end of the car done at the same time on the grounds that my car is on 97k so they'd probably be worn anyway. I ordered the new ones from Holdcroft, do...