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    2011 Honda Accord tourer 2.2 Sat Nav DVD unit

    I have read somewhere that there is a company that will repair the original unit as it is usual the laser unit that dies, This company has been mentioned in other posts! so may be worth a call
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    Drumming noise above 45mph

    Had a noise that was similar which disappeared when rear tyres were changed. The tyres were not cheep, made by conti sport contact 5, so who knows.
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    Fog light protectors

    Hi. Having been there I found mine cracked in the winter mostly, cold mornings then warmed up by the bulb = cracked glass. Why not use plastic like all other lenses? Anyway there was a guy on now defunked Honda Karma who made plastic covers for Civic's and occasionally other Honda models, he...
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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    Yes leave over night.
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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    Hi. Mine was also replaced under the recall, however the previous owner had a screen replaced and the fitters made a right bodge job of gluing them on after braking the trim tabs. Anyway a couple of years ago in the very hot weather the trim on both sides stared to lift, nothing ventured...
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    AC problem

    It is not good practice to replace a fuse with a higher rating in this case 10 Amp. This has to potential to high light a week part of the circuit and possibly burn out the wiring! A motor or AC compressor in this case, if they have difficulty rotating have the potential to draw more current...
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    MIL on and engine cutting out

    Hi. Winchester trading do a workshop manual.
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    Central armrest removal

    I never watch any American Accords videos as the cars are very different, try the Accura euro.
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    Towbar wiring

    On mine, the previous owner had a tow bar installed, and the 12v suppply was feed via a fuse from the battery, across the engine brace, along the driver side sill trim into the boot area.
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    Rear Caliper L/R

    Stellamon, the pipe connector will accept the pipe either way, as the locating lugs form a + look closely by the red plug in the LH picture.
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    Rear Caliper L/R

    He must be going by the part number! or maybe the bleed port is not drilled.
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    Rear Caliper L/R

    From what I remember when I changed mine, the mounting for the main hose can be mounted either way left or right sided just that the port for the bleed valve is different (mine had not been drilled and plugged like this one) and may foul the hose or make it difficult to bleed. Other than that...
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    Spare wheel

    Hi. Indeed it is, but then mine is the tourer
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    Spare wheel

    The standard 17" will fit in the space on the Tourer, I binned my space saver and the poly tool kit holder to fit a Standard 17" no issues.
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    Rear Brakes ... pads and disk replacement

    Hi Brett. I can confirm that the Tourer indeed has handbrake shoes, checked all mine earlier in the summer.
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    Accord Mileage Database

    Just clocked up 123456 miles on my 8th gen Accord EX Tourer.
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    Air con is this normal?

    Hi. Mine seems to exhibit the same or similar but not really payed any attention to it. It was re gassed before the summer and checked for leaks - all OK, so it may be normal!
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    Poor air conditioning performance and engine running hot

    Similar on mine passenger side coldish driver side noticeably warmer, without the engine issues. Had a regal done at local independent garage, system only had 120g of gas. After regas 450g of gas and car is now Baltic on all vents.
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    Looking to purchase 8th gen accord - need advise

    The only issues I've had with mine were: DPF issue straight to limp mode at about 100k miles cleaned by Honda lasted 120 miles before needing doing again, DPF removed by indi garage and cleaned no issues since 12k miles and two MOT's, R/NS caliper seized, windscreen side trim started to come...
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    Rear Suspension Saloon v Tourer

    May be have a look on the Lings website. Lots of parts on here.