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    Mk7 2006 Accord 2.2i-ctdi ex Navi 6 cd head unit

    Currently I have the standard Navi system with a usb/aux adapter plugged in to the middle connection slot in the back of the head unit. I have a lot of feedback noise from this setup and I want a better system, I don't mind getting rid of the dvd drive or original head unit, single or double...
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    AC04 - Unknown fault code

    Got to the bottom of this, turns out the cover over the air intake had come off and when it was gulping in air the suction stuck the cover over the intake and strangled the engine. Happened again only this time a fault code for turbo boost came up.
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    AC04 - Unknown fault code

    Think I'll also spray some Wynn's into the air intake to either clean/loosen anything in the EGR system. Give that a clean and new gaskets, because, why not. Reading a bit about fuelling system too, but with the lack of any smoke I'm not too sure
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    AC04 - Unknown fault code

    That's the thing is been getting a daily use, I getting shopping for a couple of family members as they were shielding, so it hasn't been sat there. I do maybe 20 - 30 miles a day and a mix of motorway and urban, the secondary cat has already been deleted but unsure as to whether it's been...
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    AC04 - Unknown fault code

    Just been cruising down the motorway on a steady 15 Mile run, only the last mile the EML came in and the car went into limp mode, wouldn't go past 2k revs. I've got breakdown included with insurance so thought may all use it to get a read on the fault codes, but when he checked them out only...
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    Is my car mapped?

    I bought a 2006 2.2 i-ctdi ex nav accord in September (not sure if it's face lift or not)n22a1, he told me that it had a stainless steel back box on it didn't really have a good look under the bonnet if I'm honest, just drove it and wanted it. Since getting it home I've had a little look...