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    Anybody cross-shop an Audi A4 -- curious to get your feedback pro/cons vs 8th gen Accord

    Thanks for the replies -- confirming my fears re A4s - back to finding an Accord....
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    Can't find a petrol manual but I found an 2008 EX 2.0 automatic- transmission issues to look for

    Hi all I've located an EX in decent shape but with an automatic transmission - I have no experience with Accord 8th autos Are these fairly rock solid or are there things I should look for? Cheers John
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    One more - cost for a clutch replacement + bearing (ballpark)?

    Should've mentioned that the clutch is slipping on the test drive - how much should I estimate here (dealer/non-dealer)? Thanks!
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    Rust - like this - how bad and does it pass MOT?

    Looking at a car with some rust -- no clue how serious something like this is Cheers!
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    Buying advice - 8th gen petrol

    thanks - much appreciated
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    Buying advice - 8th gen petrol

    Hi all New to the UK but previously owned a 2009 2.4i Exec in RSA. Needing some advice pls on purchasing a used Accord here in the UK I would be doing school runs, limited urban/suburban driving and was targeting a 2008-11 EX 2.0i. I live in outer London and could be subject to ULEV...