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  1. a_reactor

    Normal RPM

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what is the normal idle rpm range for a 2.0 accord? In my past cars they were all between 800-1000 rpm's but the accord idles at 600, is that normal? If it is low how do you adjust it?
  2. a_reactor

    Front/rear disc size

    Hi I'm about to renew my front/rear pads and the disc. I think that they're R260 and F280mm but then I looked I found 300mm front discs. I do have a couple of questions. What is original size on my accord 06 2.0 EX and if original front disc 280mm would I be able to fit 300mm disc using same...
  3. a_reactor

    How to remove stone chips?

    Hi after doing a motorway trips I discover loads of chips on the front. I would appreciate any advice you have to getting rid of these stone chips. What do I need to buy to get the best results the market is awash with products and choosing the best and easiest to use a bit difficult? many...
  4. a_reactor

    Honda Accord Side Body Trim

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for side body trim for my Honda Accord 2006 Saloon? I can found only USA version but not for Europe, anyone knows where I can get them and how much it cost? Thank you. USA UK but website looks dodgy...