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  1. TheHole

    few issues with 05 plate 2.0 exec

    Managed to find a bit of info on this : A post from this thread: Here goes: DTC B1235 or DTC indicator K: A problem in the driver's air mix control linkage, door, or motor 1-Clear the DTC by turning the ignition...
  2. TheHole

    few issues with 05 plate 2.0 exec

    I didnt do that but will this morning. A little more research points towards the motor door being stuck. Still have yet to check alll the Aircon relays too
  3. TheHole

    few issues with 05 plate 2.0 exec

    Thanks for that. If i hold auto and off i get a segment 'k' show up. If i hold auto and dual whilst starting the engine, im getting an error on number 6.which is consistent with the issue im having regarding the drivers side air always being hot. I tried to lookup for details on how to fix...
  4. TheHole

    No start after timing chain replacement

    Ouch .chain snapping is VERY uncommon. I wonder if it ever ran dry or that is was the original chain that had not been updated to the newer version and that it had stretched to the point of fatigue
  5. TheHole

    few issues with 05 plate 2.0 exec

    Hello All :). Its been a while and i hope you are all well. This is on behalf of my parents as their accord is being a bit of a pain. 1) we cant get any hot air out of the driver side dash vents. This is even the case if i shut off all the other vents and just run it through the one near the...
  6. TheHole

    Dump Valve in 2.2 Diesel (Blow off valve)

    Diesels dont need dump valves. You can add them.. But please dont. If your after a better sound, a new straight through turbo back exhaust will do the job
  7. TheHole

    (Video) Squeaking on idle

    Depends on how many miles you do in a few weeks. If you left it for 1000's of miles then yes it wont be great. But a few hundred should not hurt. Again... Its down to how worn the bearings are now :)
  8. TheHole

    (Video) Squeaking on idle

    The sound of the bearings is the main inducator. Change the belt & routing. And if the noise still persists then its alternator time. Yours doesnt sound that bad though
  9. TheHole

    (Video) Squeaking on idle

    Have a look at my thread here in the diesel section.. :).
  10. TheHole

    (Video) Squeaking on idle

    You cam buy the revised belt fairly cheaply. Its shorter and takes a new route. So if your ok with a spanner, itsnota difficult job. The old revision of the aux belt routing caused unnecessary loading on the bearings of the alternator causing them to wear prematurely and fail. If you catch it...
  11. TheHole

    (Video) Squeaking on idle

    I would say that the bearungs on your alternator starting to go. It looks like you have the old aux belt fitted, so your car must be a pre- facelift? I would advise looking for the threads on here on how to change the aux belt for the new shorter one. (i made a detailed guide)
  12. TheHole

    Clay bars

    If ypu have not clayed before... DONT ally pressure to the clay. Lightly sweep it back and forth woth lots of water / lube... The amount of marring damage i have seen by people pushing the clay when doing this is mad.
  13. TheHole

    warped dics?
  14. TheHole

    warped dics?

    Discs dont warp. What actually happens is carbon deposits from the brake pad get 'absorbed' in to the disc if the disc is heated up and the pad is left in contact with the disc
  15. TheHole

    How to get a cable from the passenger footwell to the battery?

    Nasty.. I will try and take a picture using my parents accord... I sold mine so no longer have pictures but can show what i did
  16. TheHole

    How to get a cable from the passenger footwell to the battery?

    I routed the cable up and underneath the plastic pannel that runs along under the windscreen :). Then it popped out just by the passangerside wing
  17. TheHole

    How to get a cable from the passenger footwell to the battery?

    Yes.there is a grommet under the dash on the drivers side... Look forward and above of the brake / accelerator pedal. There is a grommet where a loom comes through.. I just made a little + in the grommet and pushed some 0 gauge wire through
  18. TheHole

    Flywheel rattle...

    Honda only sell the 325 clutch now. The earlier clutch was pulled from honda parts and dealers when the 325 was released
  19. TheHole

    Should i buy a 150k+ 8 Gen Diesel

    Looks nice but for an 11 year old car thats alot of cash!
  20. TheHole


    I dont want to sound rude, but suspension is really something you should not scrimp on. They are the only things that help keep your tyres on the road and are a key safety aspect of any car. If your looking for 'looks' then lowering springs would be much better than coilovers especially at the...