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    im in love
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    Photos and videos....

    WTF, why can I not see other members photos and videos, Am I doing something wrong.... I keep seeing pictures of a rev counter or something and the videos always tell me I cant view it. Am I missing an app or something? PLEASE HELP ME, I AM MISSING OUT ON LIFE... BTW... i tried downloaded photo...
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    AB25, TSA and a spanner

    Hey guys, can anyone offer advise please. My wife has a 2009 Accord, and 3 lights are coming on, or rather 3 warnings. AB25 TSA and a spanner, Im thinking a service, but it just had one not too long ago, and the manual just states speak to a dealer. Any advise would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone know what AB25 means?
  5. hikeifulike

    Importing an Accord?

    Hi guys Is it possible to import a 2015 Accord? Has anyone here tried and succeeded?
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    Satnav dvd

    I'm forever getting lost.... Does anyone know where I can get a second hand newer version of the satnav dvd, mine is in its own world literally stuck in a time where there was no roads before I arrived. Lol Thanking you in advance.
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    Bluetooth connection ?

    Why does my 2004 2.4 Petrol not have Bluetooth, but I see 2006 models with Bluetooth? Can mine be changed, if so, does anyone know how? Thanks in advance
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    ABS & VSA Fault, anybody got any advice?... please, cos I wanna scream

    Update... Right then, where do I start... Decided to clean under the wheel arch, only to find that a bit of the arch collapsed due to rust, and possible damaged the rear wheel speed sensor after cleaning out the years of gunk. VSA & ABS lights came on. Had a diagnostics, and got a new...
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    Wheel arch Repair

    Hi Well... it seems I wasted my time buying new clips to secure the wheel arch splash covers, not only are they not a perfect fit, as I found out, but the body work is knakered, at least on the arches, and I dont have the facilities to try a DIY repair. Does anyone know of a company in...
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    Wheel arch retaining clips.

    Retaining clips. Git a price from Honda for new retaining clips as i want to do some DIY under the arches, to curb rust. Does anyone know where to get them from other than Honda or Beal Uk? Beal don't have the same ones, and Honda wants a small fortune.
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    Front and rear wheel bearings

    Hi. I am looking to change my wheel bearings, front and back. I have a 2004, 2.4, Exec with satnav, and was wondering if anyone has a exploded view of the ***embly.... I hope that makes sense. I'm not a mechanic, but I want to tackle it myself, I have done other cars, so it's not completely new...
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    Premium Sound "what to do"

    Hey everyone I have a 2004 2.4 Exec with a Sat nav unit, and would like to play mp3's and have a Handsfree system for my Android phone, as anyone done an upgrade and did it work properly, also, more importantly, what did they upgrade too? Thanks for any feedback in advance.