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  1. humberside

    just bought these...

    After one of my 1 watt led sidelights failing (one side was dimmer) I searched far and wide on the net for a replacement...without having a ebay account the mission was tough. Finally I found these...I wanted something equally or brighter than what I had...I use a cree torch at work so I...
  2. humberside

    Reset air con?

    As the ***le....any ideas how to reset the aircon? Rip the fuse out?? Resetting it may solve some problems like one side cooler than other ( read this possible fix in a forum for Audi)..
  3. humberside

    Gulf Competition 0w-30 racing engine oil

    Guys, I have searched this on here and it doesnt bring up the reviews on Gulf Competition 0w-30 racing engine oil. I am SURE there was a topic on this on the old forum!? can someone give me the link please! Time for the 50k service soon... hard times... I remember this "value for money" oil...
  4. humberside

    DPF What is it?

    I am sure this was discussed in the old forum, but friend of mine lately had a DPF fail on his focus.. Just wondering if the 2.2 Accord has one? and when does it get changed??