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    Evening Has anyone used this software (on the smartphone) to change any of the parameters for the main car computer or the computer that controls the automatic gearbox parameters? Thanks
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    DCT (Dual Clutch Transmissions) automatic gearboxes

    Hello This isn't necessarily about Honda parts, but a general question Some of the newer cars have DCT gearboxes. Reading about them, they seem to be basically 2 manual gearboxes in one housing. Therefore, the 2 clutches. There is no manual clutch pedal next to the brake pedal. The gear shifts...
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    brake fluid reservoir - accord 2006 -petrol

    All I went to top up the brake fluid on the Accord 2006 petrol Face LIft. Took the brake fluid reservoir cap off, and was expecting to see the top of the fluid in there. However, there seems to be a rubber cap/bung of some kind in there. (this is the first time i have had to remove the...
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    Wix oil filter for the Accord 7th Generation

    Has anyone used a Wix oil filter for their petrol accord? Instead of the Honda one Thks
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    Which Bulb type - Front position light (passenger side)

    Hi What type of bulb do I need buy. Want to buy it before I take fused one out. Is it a 503, 504, bulb etc.? Owners guide say 12V - 5W Its the Front postion light on the passenger side. Car is Accord saloon, petrol, facelift. Oners guide says need to remove the wheel arch liner (prefer...
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    Rear Parking sensor

    Hello Facelift saloon. What holds the rear parking sensor in it's place? How can I take it out of the bumper, without removing the bumper. I want to clean it, grease it, and put it back in place. Cheers
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    Genuine Honda Engine Oil filter - best/cheapest place to buy - Petrol

    Looking to change oil and filter on the 2.4 petrol. Where's the cheapest place to get a genuine Honda oil filter? And how much should I be paying? Ta
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    Microphone for Voice Recognition. Facelift &th Generation Accord

    Hello 7th generation Facelift This maybe a simple question. This is a photo of the interior showing the map lights, etc. I think the microphone for the HFT is playing up and I need to get to it. I ***ume the microphone or microphones are located behind the vents marked with the blue & red...
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    Sliding centre arm rest

    The centre armrest, is it possible to adjust it so that it slides forward a little. I couldn't find a way to do it?
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    £3000 Dealer mark up - auction stock

    Went to an auction recently, and Honda Accord sold for £3100 at auction. I made note of the car details. Week later, same car was advertised for sale by dealer for £6300. Not bad work for painting the tyre walls black, and a valet. Thanking you.