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    Looking to purchase 8th gen accord - need advise

    Hope everyone is well, i've owned my mk6 accord for 5 years and have done over 70k miles on it. The reliability is amazing from my 2.0 petrol engine even after it was converted to LPG. However i am now looking to get an 8th gen accord 2.2 diesel Honda Accord EX GT I-DTEC as an upgrade. I am...
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    Corrosion on the underside of car

    Guys, Can someone tell me what i can do about rust and corrosion. on the underside of the car there is a bit of rust which as advised my mechanic that it should be looked after otherwise it will get worse, does anyone have experience of this ? Is there anything i can do or do i have to take to...
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    18" on a 6th ?

    Any one of you running 18 inch wheels on a 6th gen accord, What are your thoughts on running 18" am i gonna run it to any trouble. I would like to lower it by 35mm as well all around
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    Converting 4x114.3 to 5x114.3 (for better wheels )

    Hi Guys, I know few guys on this forum have converted their 4x114.3 to 5x114.3, I would like to convert it to ATR ones so i can fit better brakes Can someone tell me what i need to buy from the breakers, if i am right i would need to purchase the whole axles from an ATR (All 4) Can someone...
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    Oil Type for 6th Gen ?

    Hope you guys can shed some light on my issue, I am going to do a oil change for 2001 Accord 2.0 Vtec, I have looked on various website some state 5w30 and some state 5w40 Which one do you guys use ? Also Which one is the best one ?
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    dimensions on factory satnav for a tablet swap

    Folks can someone give me the dimensions of the factory satnav screen on the 6th gen. The visible screen size Just wondering it it can fit a 7" tab in the same space
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    replacing Lambda Sensor? Hard work/ DIY ?

    Hi guys, I need to get my Lambda sensor replaced as my engine light is on. Is this a DIY ? or do i need a mechanic
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    single Din to Double Din -

    before you guys say use the search button- I have but i am getting confusing advice. I am looking to change my single Din to Double din 7 inch screen probably a Sony one, like the looks of them. However i have few questions 1. Do i need to get hold of a working sat nav from an Accord to remove...
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    ATR Grill Fitment on Non ATR

    Would a Type R Grill fit a Non Type R? (Facelift and Prefacelift)
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    Another Wheel question

    Accord 2001 : 2.0 SE Will these fit: 17x7.5j Et 35 4x100/114.3 05/45 tyres I am so clueless when it comes to wheels
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    Few questions on maintenance?

    I am due a major service for my 2002 2.0 Accord What are the main things it needs changing? Oil & Oil Filter Spark plugs Fuel Filter Cabin filter is there anything else you can add to this list ? is there an aftermarket exhaust available for the Accord 2002 ? (any link to it)
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    Black roof or Vinyl ?

    What are your thoughts on getting the roof painted black or getting vinyl? So far i have been quoted £200 for a roof respray (black over the silver) £130 for Vinyl (Not 3M) and £200 for the 3M material What are your thoughts ? Mine is a silver 2002 honda accord SE ?
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    Help with Wheels and (

    Will the below setup work on the my accord 2001 SE, Also can someone give me the below setup for my car so i can use it on 7J ET38 73.1 Centre Bore 4x 205 40 17
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    Headlight Upgrade ? Angle ? USA model fitment

    I am looking at some Headlight from USA, Any idea if these will fit the UK model ?
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    alloy wheel size for Accord 2001 2.0 SE

    Hi Guys i am in the market for a some alloys Can someone give me the Size for my car, I am aware that its 4x114.3 ? What about the width of the tire. I am looking at those wide deep dish rims
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    Replacing the AC Condenser

    Hi Guys Just a quick question, I have to replace the condenser this week. I have looked on Euro car parts who are selling it for £150 and GSF car parts are selling it for £60, do you guys have any idea why there is a big price difference. GSF one
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    Overheating and Coolant Loss

    I was wondering if someone could shine a bit of light on my problem about 4 weeks ago i had to top up my coolant as it was running slightly low, Since then there has been no issue in regards to overheating or anything like that. Yesterday I saw the Temp gauge shoot up right near 80-90 %. I was...
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    Machine polisher recommendations?

    Hi guys got a 2001 6th gen Silver honda accord, I am looking to get a machine polisher which is beginner friendly. Any links or reccomendations will be helpful, i read somewhere that the you need some specific pads as the honda paint work is not the best
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    Coolant Advice please - urgent

    Currently have green coolant in my car at the moment, would i be able to top it up with the halfords one (green one) ?
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    Booked in for LPG- Let the fun begin

    So My baby has been booked in for a LPG conversion, its getting done as we speak. I will keep you guys updated. £1200 whooooossshh, Cant wait for the savings to begin