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  1. demon-knight

    Fuel consumption!

    Havent a clue did nothing out of the ordinary, wasnt driving it hard, only differnce was that I filled it from Total, usuall I fill with Shell. In my 7th gen I regularly got 48/49mpg, that was without trying.
  2. demon-knight

    Fuel consumption!

    Getting 40.8 for last few days best was 44 in september and worst was 37 in november, drive idtec tourer. How the hell do some people get 50mpg?!? How you you drive and what distance?
  3. demon-knight

    My broken TMC :-(

    My broken TMC :-(
  4. demon-knight

    Accord repair manual

    Excellent find fella been looking since my original copy got lost.
  5. demon-knight

    Sidelights to LEDs, back to bulbs!

    Got mine here cheap and fast delivery.
  6. demon-knight

    Sidelights to LEDs, back to bulbs!

    Just done the same, mtec bulbs are much better then the leds imo. Just need to get some better main beams now and im set
  7. demon-knight

    Window Tints

    Old thread but int the end I also god the blinds as from a distance they look just like tints, that and I can return to stock easily.
  8. demon-knight

    Stage 1 EGR Off - The remap to get for standard clutch

    Slightly off topic but I have had bad customer service from the very same garage so much so I wouldnt take my car back there, they lie and simply dont care about what you have to say in the slightest. If you can take your car to the Silverlink dealership, they are much much better and cant do...
  9. demon-knight

    Oh boy it drove quick

    What about insurance, how much did it go up by?
  10. demon-knight

    Terraclean diesel

    Check it out here, also saw it on the telly
  11. demon-knight

    Accord voted Best Compact Executive Car 2012

    Awesome result! :lol:
  12. demon-knight

    Connect2 USB Interface

    Will do. They are well built and look identical to the xcarlink other than branding.
  13. demon-knight

    Connect2 USB Interface

    I have one of these that im waiting to fit in the next few weeks, just need time to do it.
  14. demon-knight

    Bulb info

    Cheers will get some ordered up, looking forward to seeing them all installed
  15. demon-knight

    Bulb info

    Does anyone know what bulbs/led are used for the vanity, interior, and side lights? Cheers :ph34r:
  16. demon-knight


    Bollocks :( Was looking forward to looking at the pics before doing the conversion
  17. demon-knight

    New car day saturday

    New car day saturday
  18. demon-knight

    Yet Further New Modifications ;)

    Very nice mods mate, are you planning any others?
  19. demon-knight

    Front Speakers

    From what I remember they are Panasonic speakers
  20. demon-knight

    Front Speakers

    I had the same problem on mine, a batch of the speakers had a fault where they blow and sounds terrible, had mine replaced under warranty. Saying that they only replaced the ones that were blown and not all of them which is a shame, so check them all before taking it in.