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  1. tompoyntz

    key fob door opening?

    I don't know if you can change the function of the unlock button, but that feature of only unlocking the driver's door on the first press annoys me too. I always forget to press it twice when I have passengers.
  2. tompoyntz

    LED Brake/Tail Light Recommendation To 8th Gen Owners

    Do you have a photo of your car with these new LEDs? I'd be interested in upgrading myself, but I'm not sure what it would look like.
  3. tompoyntz

    Reverse Gear Judder

    I don't find it to be a problem at all. It was just a little quirk that I noticed soon after I bought the car. I just drop the clutch in reverse in a slightly different way than I do in first gear, to avoid the jolt.
  4. tompoyntz

    Reverse Gear Judder

    I've noticed this with mine. It just seems to be that the biting point is very sudden and harsh in reverse, compared with how it is in first gear. I can see how that could lead to juddering as the biting point is so different.
  5. tompoyntz

    Crackly audio

    I thought the blown speaker issue was simply due to a dud batch having been used during ***embly, and cars actually having been sold with faulty speakers. I thought that there was no danger, if all your speakers are working, of any of them blowing. They are either blown already or they are...
  6. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Minor Model Change

    Even though my 8th gen has apparently softer suspension than my previous 7th Gen Type S, it handles better and gives me much more confidence through high speed corners. The suspension doesn't feel soft in those conditions.
  7. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    I took the Civic in yesterday. Howards Honda are replacing the clutch under warranty. I didn't have to argue with them at all :D :D
  8. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    The service went fine thanks. There were no applicable updates. Howards Honda in Taunton are really good, so I had thought that they would have applied any updates as necessary, which turned out to be the case :ph34r: However, my wife's 08 diesel Civic was serviced on the same day too, but...
  9. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    Ok, that isn't applicable to me then as mine is a manual.
  10. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    Ok, thanks CJ. I was just concerned because they actually asked me what the code was on the phone, I ***umed that they wouldn't follow the normal routine. I will double check when I take it in though.
  11. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    Thanks CJ. When I take the car in for its service at the end of this month, I'll ask about those updates. I realise that the service warning is reset after the service. I just wondered if it was a problematic scenario that you'd seen before, where someone had booked their service, reported...
  12. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    Thanks CJ. That really is useful :D What do you think about the situation where the code can change after you book the service? Is this something that has presented a problem in your experience? Were you saying that that was something that had been fixed/updated by a software update?
  13. tompoyntz

    8th Gen Service Reminder Codes

    My second service is due, and the code ***ociated with the service reminder warning on the dashboard, was originally AB, but then changed to AB2. I've just phoned my dealer, and they informed me that AB-->AB2 just means that the pollen filter will need changing too. Firstly, does anyone have...
  14. tompoyntz

    DPF What is it?

    A very interesting post CJ, thanks. Can I confirm my understanding though? Light A means that the DPF will clear automatically, and light B means that a visit to the dealer is required? Is that correct?