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    Lower Torque control arm

    Hi all Have any of you chaps had to replace the rear lower torque control mount on your 2008 on wards Accord diesel and why ? it sits just behind the engine oil drain plug under the removable under shield. I see that Cox's Honda Parts now list it as a Service Item.
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    Tourer Handbrake

    Hi all Anyone know how to adjust the handbrake on a Diesel Tourer. I see that the handbrake works shoes within the discs and that near the handbrake lever at the rear is an adjusting nut somwhere in the center consol. All this is shown on the Lings parts website.
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    Front Door Speakers

    Hi Do any of you guys know what physical size the front door speakers are.
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    Wheel size

    Hi can anyone tell me the size and dia of a 2.4 ex 2006 facelift model Thanks
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    18" 7th Gen Storm Alloys

    Hi Can anyone tell me if 18" Storm alloys from the 7th generation Accord fit the 8th gen tourer Thanks