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  1. Richard B

    Does brand and pleats of an air filter matter?

    I'm running these: They fit, the car goes, and I change the filter every oil change. I usually find a bit of dirt, some leaves and occasionally a small possum trapped in the old filter. The only filter...
  2. Richard B

    Hello from Scotland (by way of Australia)

    Ah yeah, occasionally I get tailgated by people in other Hondas, having a good look, or just being puzzled. The Honda club in NSW is dead, and apart from a few facebook groups there's not much of a community. I might join the Victoria club now you've made me aware of it.
  3. Richard B

    Stripdown and explanation of the K24 engine.

    If you watch Mightycarmods you've probably seen this guy from Haltech performing engine tunes. Here he is talking about why the K24 is a well built engine engineering wise, and a popular base for performance tunes.
  4. Richard B

    Hello from Scotland (by way of Australia)

    Welcome. I have a CN2 here in Sydney, brought over by some English dude under the very narrow import opportunity you will also have when you return. There are a few Japanese import CM2's in AU, but not sure if the manual was an option. The real prize is would be a CM3. When you return...
  5. Richard B

    Dreaded ABS, VSA, TSA dashboard lights

    Does anyone know which parts inside the ABS unit usually fail or wear out? Here is how it works:
  6. Richard B

    Some strange issues!

    +1 for cleaning earth terminals. I've worked on a lot of old cars with smaller charging systems and installing an additional earth lead to starter motor mount bolt always resulted in better starting and brighter lights.
  7. Richard B

    Wiper blade - replacing just the rubber

    Thanks for the info. I did see the Ebay offerings, but the images on Aliexpress looked identical to me so I bought from there - and ended up with a poor quality rubber. I will look a bit closer and buy from an ebay dealer next time. Quite often stuff on Ebay and Aliexpress is identical. But you...
  8. Richard B

    Wiper blade - replacing just the rubber

    Yes that. No auto stores in AU sell just the rubber. Everything I found that sold as a "refill" had a metal or plastic backing holding the rubber, or was a complete arm. I had to look online and the only place I could find was with crappy cheap rubber that refused to flop properly and had the...
  9. Richard B

    Wiper blade - replacing just the rubber

    Where did you find the rubber insert?
  10. Richard B

    mystery box under dash

    Open it up and see is there are any codes, brand names or version numbers on the circuit board. Also get the codes of any IC's (the larger the better) on the board.
  11. Richard B

    Accord 2011 suspension issue.

    Can you describe a bit more? Is it irregular or is there some sort of pattern / cadence to the sound? Can you feel it in the steering wheels, seat or pedals? Does it change in corners or bends? can you feel it upon acceleration? Apart from steering/ suspension, it could be driveshaft (cv...
  12. Richard B

    Lazy Research

    Not sure what you mean with "lazy research". The reduced sections *are* the research and if at the end lowering limits don't lower local NOX levels, the results will show that. Freeways, and the reason they exist are boring. They reason they are built (at monumental expense) is to get X...
  13. Richard B

    DPF heat shield

    When I couldn't find one for my new manifold I took my inspiration from NASA. Mineral wool + heavy duty alfoil +the chopped up old heat shield. It is extremely effective.
  14. Richard B

    Impressed with my mpg, what's yours?

    Define "warm" :-D The MPG indication has a bit of variation. I can't get a standard error out of it. The MPG can be "dragged up" by coasting in gear with no throttle at every opportunity - towards red lights, going downhill, etc. but the error rate seems to also increase. I have managed to...
  15. Richard B

    Wiper blade - replacing just the rubber

    I have done this. Replaced the rubber in Bosch Aeroblades with rubber I found on Aliexpress. It wasn't difficult. The end cover clips off the ***embly and the whole thing slides out as 2 spring blades and the rubber. But the rubber blades were crap. It made horrible wipers. I haven't been...
  16. Richard B

    Pairing bluetooth phone

    The pairing procedure is in the Gen 7 user manual that came with the car. If you don't have one, read this: If the procedure does not work, you may have a module problem that is discussed in several bulky...
  17. Richard B

    Replacing Clutch

    Just curious, what are garage prices in the UK for changing the clutch on other FWD vehicles? From the manual, changing the clutch on an Accord is a similar to other cars.. Suspend the engine, remove driveshaft, then the gearbox and then the clutch ***embly.
  18. Richard B

    LCD Clock not changing with SatNav Clock

    Perhaps because of Brexit the UK is now in its own GPS universe where rollover week 1024 hasn't happened yet.
  19. Richard B

    7th gen facelift flat wiper retrofit

    I got the Michelin ones from Costco. I started out with Bosch. then changed just the rubbers on those but could only find crap rubber - no one sells the decent rubber any longer. The Michelin ones work but don't seem to have a plastic cover for the hinge. It's not that noticeable that they are...
  20. Richard B

    Need an opinion - grey foil

    If you want your red car to look good put bronze foil on your wheels and keep all your trim shiny black.