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    Hi looking for tyre recommendations. I've got a 2005 CDTi tourer currently fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1s 225/ 45R17 91V. Looking for something that has a stiffer side wall, the Goodyears even when properly inflated look flat especialy at the front. they grip well enough but initial turn in is a...
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    Morning, when i try to upload a photograph it won't load saying that the file is to large ...........any ideas ?
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    Gear selection

    I have an issue when trying to change gear the lever seems to baulk between changes and get a bit stuck between gears. I've had a look at the selector in the car under the boot and there seems to be a lot of play at the end of the shaft that comes out at right angles to the gear lever. Should...
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    Hollcroft honda

    People seem to keep mentioning Holcroft Honda for parts but is there a specific branch that i should be contacting ?
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    Accelerator response

    Hi, I acquired a 2.2 cdti tourer last year and on the whole very impressed with it. However there are a reward little niggles that need sorting. One of which may or may not be a fault, seeing as mine is the only Accord I've ever driven My previous car was a 1.9 tdi passat and as soon as the...