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  1. Monks

    Fiting rear camber arms

    No think that number gone will pm my new one.
  2. Monks

    Fiting rear camber arms

    Maybe an extra 1/2 hour tops, they did my front camber arms in record time, there is very little they have not seen before. Also know that area like the back of my hand as I lived there for 12 years as a kid.
  3. Monks

    Fiting rear camber arms

    Just a thought but WIM would charge an hours labour and be able to do the allignment 100% spot on, that way you would be totally confident its all been done the right way. If you wanted company I could road trip with ya as well.
  4. Monks

    Not very impressed!

    i wouldnt be so quick to jump into a 6 mps, they have issues like vvt actuator failure, stretched chains, turbo oil seals, faulty chain tensioners, diff issues, rear diff mounts made of butter and worse still zoom zoom boom con rods out of the block. Finding a good one is a feet in itself as...
  5. Monks

    No Boost

    Agreed very unusual for a turbo just to stop working altogether unless its totally fubared and the compressor wheel is stuck. Job one is to check all hoses and clamps from cold end to hot end paying particular attention to the intercooler piping. If all looks good it would then be time for a...
  6. Monks

    Cleaning fuel system

    Yep and it can smoke when you first drive it, did a neighbours ST3 for him and it smoked a little on idle but 3 mins down the road was like a james bond movie.
  7. Monks

    Cleaning fuel system

    Also look at seafoam
  8. Monks

    Cleaning fuel system

    I would recommend seafoam or getting a garage to use one of those two bottle machines that get the car to run of the machine not the normal fuel system.
  9. Monks


    Two stroke actually emulsifies with the diesel and will give you a cleaner burn.
  10. Monks

    Arrrggg Front bumper.

    Speak to Lee at HH he could hook you up with a brand new bumper for around £250 I think. Also deep mocha pearl gonna be a back order from Belgium job I would think. When I changed mine it was a perfect match, but a respray would of needed the wings blending to be a 100% job.
  11. Monks

    Selecting gear problem urgent please

    Can you please stop duplicating these thread.
  12. Monks

    Plastidip, anyone heard or used?

    Yep loads of the MPS chaps use this stuff on all sorts of parts, seems really popular and of course mistakes can be corrected.
  13. Monks

    keeping diamond cut alloys new

    When I had mine I gave them five coats of PB's sealant just to really make sure they where okay. Washing wise I only used VP's billberry safe wheel cleaner.
  14. Monks

    What oil?

    As always it depends on how you drive your car and how often you plan to change the oil. If you hammer it alot then you will want a quality synthetic with good shear strength qualities. Also if you tend to do high mileage and don't change the oil often, again a quality synthetic would be better...
  15. Monks

    anyone got a cgmotorsport paddle clutch?

    Well a couple of the civinfo guys where able to destroy the kestral kevlar clutch with high pressure maps on their ictdi's. IIRC they had different tunes as well think they where rstuning and celtic maps. I would be happy with a stage 1 and CG organic setup but a stage 2 I would want the paddle...
  16. Monks

    anyone got a cgmotorsport paddle clutch?

    If you speak to Mike or Linda at CG they also do a 25% uprated version which is an organic clutch. This would give you a more robust clutch without the paddle clutch issues.
  17. Monks

    anyone got a cgmotorsport paddle clutch?

    Agreed Cliff motorway cruising = happy days, but if your using the clutch alot its grabby nature can be a pita.
  18. Monks

    anyone got a cgmotorsport paddle clutch?

    Yeah honda came out with a 325 revision and alot of guys on civinfo have them. Not sure how they are handling extra torque, might be worth having a look on there.
  19. Monks

    anyone got a cgmotorsport paddle clutch?

    Was a member on here called Kenhom (Al)
  20. Monks

    Better MPG on Sputnik..finally

    Ian well chuffed for you mate glad the old girl is gonna keep going.