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  1. Grayedout

    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    My Tourer has had a knocking from the rear when it goes over bumps for literally years. I have looked at everything trying to find it. Stripped the suspension down, struts and springs off, all trim out of boot and been through at least two MOT’s with no problems so confident it’s not a major...
  2. Grayedout

    Headlight Bulbs

    Does anybody else's Accord go through headlight bulbs like they are going out of fashion? Mine seem to blow every few months and tonight it managed to blow both bulbs at the same time. They blew so hard that it actually smashed the glass at the end of one of the bulbs.
  3. Grayedout

    Clutch Auto Adjustment

    Not sure if I have read it somewhere or dreamt it but seem to remember seeing something about 2.2 Diesel having and auto clutch adjustment and that it may not adjust until it's actually starting slipping. Just wondering as mine feels like it's on the way out as the biting point is very high and...
  4. Grayedout

    Re-Gas or not Re-Gas

    My 2004 Diesel Tourer is the first car I've had with air-con and had it re-gassed in October 2018 and wondering whether it needs doing again soon? Have done approx 30,000 miles since it was done but going away for a holiday with lots of driving soon and don't want it to run out. Anybody got...
  5. Grayedout

    Tourer Boot Water Leak

    Found my Tourer spare wheel well to be half full of water a few weeks ago which I have temporarily solved by drilling a few holes in the boot floor to drain it but is there a common cause for this? The cloth floor of the boot is totally dry but can see traces of water going down the sides of...
  6. Grayedout

    Top display clock changing on its own!

    Since the GPS signal changes I have had to change my Tourer top display clock by disconnecting the battery at 1pm. Randomly today the clock suddenly advanced by one hour while we were driving and not touching anything!! Anybody else seen this??
  7. Grayedout

    Have I screwed the Sat Nav?

    Found a v2.11 Sat Nav DVD while doing a clearout. Is not an original but thought it might be worth a try and an improvement on the v2.3 I've currently got. Famous last words! Put it in and screen went black and eventually came up with a message saying do not turn off the engine and very slowly...
  8. Grayedout

    Why do Tourer rear pads never fit out of the box?

    Fitted a new set of rear pads to the Tourer not long before the lockdown but barely driven it since until last weekend when I did a 200 mile trip. When I got home I noticed the offside rear wheel was very hot and indicative of the brakes binding. Had a look yesterday and pads were free (already...
  9. Grayedout

    Wheel stud thread

    Need a new locking wheel nut set for my 2004 Tourer. Are the studs M12 x 1.5 ?
  10. Grayedout

    Resetting the clock

    Don’t forget all those with sat nav who can no longer reset the top clock then if you disconnect and re connect your battery at 1pm then it will be right!
  11. Grayedout

    Replacing front lower arms

    While I have some time I'm going to replace both lower front suspension arms and one ball joint on my 2004 Tourer as they were highlighted as advisories at the last MOT. I was planning on releasing the driveshaft nuts to do this, and I have bought some replacements, but I can no longer access...
  12. Grayedout

    Hub Nut Size

    Can anybody please confirm the front hub nut size on a 7th Gen 2.2 Tourer? 24mm rings a bell but would like confirmation before I go and source a socket. Also if remove then should I refit a new nut?
  13. Grayedout

    Rear Disc Size

    2004 Diesel Tourer - does anybody know whether the rear discs are 260mm or 282mm before I order?
  14. Grayedout

    Clock Adjustement

    Strange issue. Fixing a problem with the interior light and managed to blow a fuse. Had to pull a few to find the right one and when I got in today I noticed the clock was wrong. Went into the settings to sort it and can change the clock on the screen but it’s not updating the top display...
  15. Grayedout

    0W-30 or 5W-30

    Lost count of the number of times people have asked am I okay using a 5W-30 oil instead of the recommended 0W-30? Well watch this video and note the difference, when cold, between the 0W and the 5W and imagine the difference this makes in how fast the oil gets to the vital components in the...
  16. Grayedout

    ABS Sensor Quality

    Need to replace a front ABS sensor and the prices are crazy. I can get one for anything from £8 to £88 which is ridiculous. I am sure they vary in quality but I can go through 10 cheap ones for an expensive one! Anybody have experience of the cheaper versions and are they acceptable?
  17. Grayedout

    Ball Joint and Driveshaft nut hand

    Need to replace the front nearside bottom ball joint. Am I correct in thinking that I need to remove the driveshaft and hence the hub and drop the new ball joint in from the top? If so then can somebody please confirm that the driveshaft nut is standard right hand thread before I attack it...
  18. Grayedout

    Bonnet Release

    Had the car back on the road for one day and then the bonnet release cable snaps !!!!!!!!!!! :wacko: :wacko: Anybody any experience of trying to open the bonnet without the cable? Thinking going to have to put it on ramps, remove the bottom covers and try to reach up to release it !
  19. Grayedout


    Do we have the ability to upload images into a post rather than having to host them elsewhere and link? Did I used to see a beta level service for this or did I dream it?
  20. Grayedout

    Limp home - P1065 = Fuel Filter?

    Sudden loss of power at 3,000 rpm and then flashing glow plug light and limp home mode. Just put code reader on which says P1065 which the internet says is low fuel pressure. To me this points first to the fuel filter which I have not yet changed on this car. Anybody agree with my diagnosis...