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    Soundproofing front doors

    Im on a mission to soundproof my front doors, i have Size: 30cm X 50cm Thickness: 5mm Quantity: 12pcs . My main goal is to get rid of that horrible metalic sound when closeing the door, its like there was no inaulation inside at all. If compare the sound on my previous honda accord 2012 CU2 to...
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    Subwoofer Size

    Hi, i would like to change oem woofer , what size and omh do i need to buy? Anyone changed it ?
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    Parking lights

    Hi My parking lights are dead, well just one. I know i cant get to them without removeing the bumper and headlights. My question is how much space is in there to put 32mm long led bulb?
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    Need an opinion - grey foil

    Hey what do you think about this ?
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    Intercooler cleaning

    Hey Did anyone cleaned the IC on a typeS, looks like its not that hard to get to it.
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    Tuning for 210bhp

    Hi I can get a very good deal for tuning my 2.2 typeS , would the extra 30bhp doo a good difference , and egr, dpf stays .
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    High consumption - possible causes

    Hi First ill tell you my lowest consumption i ever had is 6.2l/100km , that was made mostly traveling about 90 to 100 km/h for about 60km every day. Second time i had about 6.2L consuption was when traveling to portogal from slovenia, i did about 2500km in one way and not doing it over the speed...
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    Rims 18 and 8.5J

    Hey, i need some help with the wheel size , im looking at Tomason TN1, size 18 Et45 and 8,5J to fit on Accord CW3 typeS . Will they fit OK ?? Originals i have on are 18’s and thik they are ET45 and 8J ..
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    Tires 245/45/18

    Can i fit the size 245/45/18 on a 8gen typeS wagon? At the moment i have 245/40/18 on stock 18s rims, will the extra 5% on hight be ok ? I had 235/45/18 on.
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    Rear Caliper L/R

    Hi My right side rear caliper is stuck , pads were gone in few thousand kilometers, left side is like new. Today i tested the piston , pushed it in with the tool and pushed the brakes , piston got stuck again. It does it every time, i looked at the piston and it was a little coroded, rubber was...
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    TypeS Front disc & pads

    Hi Im looking for part numbers for front discs and pads , car is tourer type S 2.2idtec 2012y I know its 320mm disc but there is 320mm for the 2.4 type s too..
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    Front and rear brakes sticking

    Hi Today i went to change for winter tires and all of wheels when i try to turn them are hard to turn, they stop right after you stop turning them... so i have a problem and didnt even know about it, is it possible that the consumption is higher ? I havent had lower than 6,2 l/100km in the car...
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    My Red TypeS wagon

    Hi guys, as ***le says i have the Red TypeS wagon. Its a facelift model without navigation. My question is about service reminder, it doesn’t seem to have one, on the Petrol version the CU1 facelift it did had the service remainder, if i would press the sel/reset button it would show the...
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    2.0 i-vtec for 2.2 i-dtec type S

    Hi guys, first i wanna thank you for the knowledge you give on here :) Im looking to trade my Accord 2.0 mk8 CU1 facelift with all the hoodies honda could give for 2.0 motor for an facelift 8.gen 2.2 idtec type S tourer . Just need a bigger boot , the torque i miss from the old 2.2ictdi ...
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    Excessive oil consumption

    Hi :) Engine is R20A3 year 2012 and 125k km on it. Since i bought the car i made about 15k km and about 3 to 4 L of oil to fill in, in that time. Is that normal? I had 2.2i-ctdi civic before and i had to put about 1l of oil every 15k km and i thogh that was alot :/ , 4l in 15k km , well than my...
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    Unlocking all doors

    Hello :) Is there a way to unlock all doors with one push on the key ? I dont like how my wife is looking at me when im waiting in the car for her to get in :)))