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    Anyone on here from Glasgow

    You wouldn't happen to be on the premier tuning stage 1 dpf off and egr blank map would you?
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    Rear caliper information

    Might be able to unseize it by taking it off the car and getting it moving in and out manually to get you going for Tuesday whilst you wait for a replacement
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    Help needed Scotland central belt

    Just wondering if anybody in central belt Scotland that is running Fahads dpf and egr blank stage 1 remap on the 2.2 i dtec would be willing to allow me to travel over to have a look at boost pressure readings using my torque pro app. I had to replace my turbo cartridge before Christmas and I...
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    Ball joint nuts

    If the nylocks start to loosen you'll certainly get a warning sign and start to hear and feel it. It's not like an actual ball joint failure where they've been know to just shear off with no warning signs with castle nuts still tight. They usually shear off where the tapered section meets the ball
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    Bottom ball joints

    Starting to get a bit paranoid of these failing. All I'm seeing on the fbook owners page is these snapping off recently on the 7th gens. Just wondering if there's anything to be concerned about on the 8th gens. I check mine regularly and I've still not got any play in them and I'm on 175k...
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    My Red TypeS wagon

    You don't actually have to perform the predelivery just select predelivery section and service reminder should be in there
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    Drivers Mirror not adjusting when reversing

    Drivers side mirror shouldn't change when reversing only passenger side should. But as Nokia says above out only works when mirror selector switch is to the left
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    Tar Spots

    I used white spirits on a previous car and whilst it removed the tar spots effortlessly I noticed that it tarnished the laquer and removed the sheen - beware
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    Air con - only on passenger side.

    Could just need regassed. I had this where passenger side was cooler than drivers. It's due to the evaporator core only icing up on one side (passenger) due to low on gas. Imagine your house radiator if the left side is cold and right side hot then the air from the fan blowing up through...
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    Good Independent Honda specialist.

    Fahad is your man at Premier Tuning in Halifax
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    Lower Torque control arm

    I don't really get the judder in 1st only really in reverse and it still does it I've just learned to live with it. With varying gradients it can be quite challenging at times to reduce judder with careful clutch and throttle control.
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    Passenger Front Window Switch Module Fault

    You'll have a big wiring block plug connection on each door loom where it meets the frame of the car. Maybe try to unplug and plug a few times
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    Alarm and possibly related tailgate problem

    I would start off by cleaning battery connection and any visible grounding points
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    Anyone on here from Glasgow

    Cheers but a bit far would probably of considered travelling over if we weren't on lockdown
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    EPM-FI fault. Engine died whilst driving and Now won’t start.

    Here is the info from the owners manual 1st photo description of what the PGM-FI is all about the 2nd photo is the bleeding sequence. May i suggest making sure there is at least 5 litres of diesel in your tank beforehand as you said you were running low. You could try this and hope that's what's...
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    EPM-FI fault. Engine died whilst driving and Now won’t start.

    I strongly believe air has entered the system going by what's written in the owners manual. Either the fuel filter top cap has came loose if they maybe didn't tighten enough or running the tank low and maybe going round a corner has gulped some air in the system. If you give me a few minutes...
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    EPM-FI fault. Engine died whilst driving and Now won’t start.

    I'm pretty sure the owners manual tells you what to do when PGM-FI comes up on the dash. If you ain't got an owners manual I'll have a look once I'm in from work and let you know what it says
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    Parking sensor switch - Light not working

    You basically need to pull the surround off after removing the panel above the pedals(there will be a plug to remove on this panel for the footwell ambient lighting led). Once off you'll see the clips that hold the switches in. The bulbs are attached to different coloured plastic holders that...
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    2.2 i-dtec turbo stop screw

    That would be a great help thanks
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    Anyone on here from Glasgow

    Just wondering if there is anybody on here from Glasgow with a 2.2 i-dtec that i could meet up with to have a look at your turbo actuator position at idle?