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    Help needed Scotland central belt

    Just wondering if anybody in central belt Scotland that is running Fahads dpf and egr blank stage 1 remap on the 2.2 i dtec would be willing to allow me to travel over to have a look at boost pressure readings using my torque pro app. I had to replace my turbo cartridge before Christmas and I...
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    Bottom ball joints

    Starting to get a bit paranoid of these failing. All I'm seeing on the fbook owners page is these snapping off recently on the 7th gens. Just wondering if there's anything to be concerned about on the 8th gens. I check mine regularly and I've still not got any play in them and I'm on 175k...
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    Anyone on here from Glasgow

    Just wondering if there is anybody on here from Glasgow with a 2.2 i-dtec that i could meet up with to have a look at your turbo actuator position at idle?
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    2.2 i-dtec turbo stop screw

    Just wondering if somebody with a 2.2 i-dtec could check if the turbo actuator arm touches the stop screw on turbo housing at idle after starting engine. I never seem to see another 2.2 i-dtec like mine in the car parks when out and about hoping to ask the owner of I could have a wee check on...
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    Stage 1 remap premier tuning

    Another one for Fahad, I'm on your Stage 1 DPF + EGR Remove btw you'll probably remember me I came down from Glasgow with my father and you found that my DTC code table had been deleted from a previous owner map that had gutted DPF without blocking EGR pipe. And you sorted everything out and...
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    DTE pedal box

    Just got myself the DTE systems pedal box from DTUK. 3 settings which all are tweakable for improved throttle response sports plus mode is insane you'll think you are doing your car damage lol. Highly recommend, you can switch it off and to be honest the car feels broken back to stock and makes...
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    Front pad rattle

    2.2 idtec EX anybody had problems with pagid pads rattling on the fronts. I had pagid pads with genuine oem discs with no noise but right caliper was binding so i replaced pistons and seals on both sides and calipers move freely now. I thought I'd replace discs incase the binding one got warped...
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    Codes for removing 6 disc changer

    Trying to find a rattle behind dash and was wondering if anybody can confirm if anti theft codes are needed after plugging 6 disc audio/nav unit back in. The cdrom pc workshop manual I have says codes needed however im pretty sure I wasn't supplied with codes when I got the car
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    Found rat in engine bay

    Went to help a workmate jump start his car and opened my bonnet to find a rat scurry away leaving one smelly brown thing and a chewed wiring cover on the o2 sensor. Wire was fine 2 days ago when checking my oil level so guessing it moved in last night and stayed there even when I'd been driving...
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    Creaking steering left

    09 accord tourer ex 2.2 i-dtec 165k Been getting creaking and clicking noise when parking mainly steering left. Had now gotten to when driving at slow speeds and also slight left turning and can hear it when suspension rebounds when over speed bumps. Noticed track rod ends leaking grease both...
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    Oil looks red

    2.2 EX i-dtec manual tourer Recently got clutch and flywheel done at Honda and they advised oil and filter change as oil is a different colour on their multi point car check. I service car myself and was due to change my oil in January with about 8K done since last January so i told them not...
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    Premier tuning stage 1

    Probably a question for Fahad himself. I know as stock the 2.2 i-dtec has peak torque between 2000 and 2500 revs with peak horsepower at 4000. I had stage 1 with dpf off and egr blanked last January but have been driving conservatively since my clutch was slipping if i pushed it as I've...
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    Air con is this normal?

    Mine is the 2.2 i-dtec and I've noticed when air con is switched on i can hear compressor kick in but then clicks back of after around 5-8 seconds then after around 10 seconds it will kick back in for 5-8 seconds and this will keep repeating itself. It does this whether it is hot or cold...