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    Changing rims on gen 7 6JJ to 6 1/2 JJ

    I’m reaching out to you guys again for more advice,,,I have a 2005 gen7 with 15in and 6JJ rims,,,my question is would 16in 6 1/2 JJ rims from another gen 7 car fit on my vehicle?
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    Fuse location for boot

    As the ***le, the boot will not open from the outside on my 2005 saloon by using the button between the number plate lights, I can open it on the key fob and also from the lever inside, I’m hoping it’s just a fuse problem, I’ve looked in the manual at the fuse box layout but can’t see anywhere...
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    Oil recommendations please

    This subject is probably the most discussed on any car forum, and as a new member I appologise for bringing it up again. I have a 2005 2 ltr manual with 44,000 miles on the clock and will be doing an oil and filter change soon, the car will only be doing about 4,000 miles a year max,,the...
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    Rear brakes servicing

    Can somebody help me concerning the rear brakes on my 2005 2 ltr saloon,, I am about to replace discs and pads on my car and whilst I was looking at them closely it would appear that the concertina type rubber seals on the slider pins are not that great. question is can someone send me a link to...
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    Common faults and problems

    Hi, this is my first post,,as a new owner of a 2005 SE manual I was wondering what I should look out for regarding any problems or fault,,,,,thanks
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    New member

    Hello from Bristol ,,,,I’ve just bougt a 2005 SE manual and as I have always done previously joined a members forum to learn all about the model. i am not new to Hondas having owned 5 previously, purchased for their renowned reliabilit, hoping this continues with the Accord, this car was bought...