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  1. kamiljanikjoul

    pss radio back connector block diagram

    Hi I am trying to install new amplifier with LC7i I removed connectors from oreginal amplifier. And I can't find any diagram for cables anywhere. Can someone help me please . It's honda accord 7 2007 executive pss 2.4 And this are 2 connectors from oreginal amplifier 14 pins and 20 pins , I...
  2. kamiljanikjoul

    Running supply cable through firewall

    Hi I was wondering where to run my supply cable for my amplifier . I have accord 2.4 2007 saloon . I found some space which is just next to steering wheel on driver side it's deep down where is a space for legs ,but I am not sure if it this one ? Someone told me I should use passenger side...
  3. kamiljanikjoul

    moving dvd drive

    Hi Does anyone try to move dvd reader in PSS system to let's say under passenger seat aNd then use empty space for new 1 din radio? I was thinking to install new radio but there is no space otherwise .
  4. kamiljanikjoul

    How to do RCA cables from PSS system in accord 7 2.4 petrol ?

    Hi everyone Is it any chance to get RCA cables from oreginal radio ? Or is it possible to get good quality signal from the radio if I install new amplifier and speakers ?
  5. kamiljanikjoul

    Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi I bought recently honda accord 2.4 from 2007 with 100k miles . I tested carefully before i bought it . It drives ok but when i pressed acceleration pedal hardly down revs jumps to 5000 and looks like car dont accelerate . Looks like the gear is not in place or its on neutral. Its...
  6. kamiljanikjoul

    2.4 AT prefacelift Automatic gearbox Issues

    Hi I am planing to buy 8 gen of honda accord and think about 2.4AT prefacelift. I never drive AT in my life,i drive 4 hondas during 10 years ,last 2 was diesels EX, all manuals. I am bit scared to buy AT as i read loads of info how expensive are AT gearboxes when they brake. I got few...
  7. kamiljanikjoul

    What to buy: Accord 8 Dtec Prefecelift or Accord 8 Facelift Dtec

    Hi Members Recently i Had Small car Accident and my old Accord 7 I-CTDI was written off :(. I am Planning to buy Accord 8 Dtec and also would like to remap it as previous Accord (done by Fahad, Great job). I have few questions , more like advice what to get. Hopefully someone can drop me some...
  8. kamiljanikjoul

    replacemnent of speakers for accord 2004 executive PSS

    Hi Guys I was just wondering if anyone knows if this speakers will be good for my honda : i have accord 2.2 ictdi executive PSS 2004...
  9. kamiljanikjoul

    upgrade pre face lif non sta nav pss unit for face lift navi pss

    hi guys does any of you have electrical scheme for facelift models of diesel accord ? i bought used facelift navi pss and want to fit it in my preface lift pss non navi car , i connected some cables but has loads of others and dont know what to do with them, any help please
  10. kamiljanikjoul

    built in amplifier

    Hi guys I am one step to order some replacement sound system for my car. It's chaise unit, I know I might be completed rubbish but I can find any opinions about it so I decided to get one and try it. The man from the shop on eBay ask me if, my car has can bus controller and if it's has a...
  11. kamiljanikjoul

    Premium sound system conversion for GPS premium sound system

    Hi members I want to upgrade my car audio system , I thought about Chinese unit but I quit after bad opinions about it from other people. I decided to get original honda premium sound system with GPS, of course use ones, my current system is premium sound system without GPS. My car is Accord...
  12. kamiljanikjoul

    Replacing rubber door and window seal

    Hi guys I thought about replacing door and windows rubbers seals in my honda Accord 2004 2.2 ictdi I was wondering where can i get them from ? do any of you know part number for them ? I found lots of them on ebay but not sure which ones are good. Any ideas?
  13. kamiljanikjoul

    battery replacement for 2.2 itdti

    hi guys Anyone knows good battery for honda accord 2.2 ictdi. any good good brand? book says 12v 74AH/20HR , should i get 74AH or slightly bigger like 76 or 78AH?
  14. kamiljanikjoul

    vsa,exclamation mark,abs

    Hi guys I was driving normaly and suddenly 3 yellow marks shows up: ABS,VSA, and ❗ mark. I did t feel any differences in driving but I stopped,turn off the the engine, and put it back again, then signs dissappeard. Any idea what can it be? I haven't got time to check it via obd2 . Otherwise...
  15. kamiljanikjoul

    Replacing Premium sound system for New sat nav 8 inch system

    Hi Everyone I have premium sound system in my accord 2004 ictdi. I want to replace it for different unit with gps nav, usb,sdcard slot etc... do any of you know good unit which works with diesel model? i looked on ebay and found loads of china units but i am not sure if they good,i dont want...
  16. kamiljanikjoul

    accord 2.0 i vtech 2003 ,Sport air filter and intercooler

    Hi everyone i got some questions about 2.0 i vtech from 2003 . My father want to do some tuning on it.he found out some info about Replacing air filter for kind of sport one and also to fit inter cooler . for me its sound strange but i thoug ill ask . does enyone heard anything about it? thanks
  17. kamiljanikjoul

    Car run better after disconnected from battery for 12 hours

    Hi Everyone Last Thursday i disconnected battery from my accord 2.2 ictdi for 12 hours i charged it and put it back, i tried a car shortly after it and i think my accord runs better i mean acceleration and rpm ,its looks like it runs quicker and more flexible on gears and when i changing...
  18. kamiljanikjoul

    powerbox tuning

    Anyone use any of powerboxes tuning modules for accord diesel? I found it online by mistake and I am curious if it's working, and don't damage the engine... I red something online but can't get one straight answer. It should increase hp from 140 to almost 175 and torque from 340 to 390. Is it...
  19. kamiljanikjoul

    ultimate diesel or standard diesel for accord ictdi?

    Hi everyone Does everyone using ultimate diesel in yours accord ictdi? Does it make any damages to the engine? Is it better to ultimate or stay with standard? Any differences on usage of diesel?
  20. kamiljanikjoul

    sport ****ler for accord 2.2 icdti 2004 year

    Hi guys Does any one fit sport ****ler silencer in accord 2.2 ictdi from 2004 year? My exhaust pipe is curved at the end so I am not sure if its fit. My other question is how it works? Or are they any other possibilities to change sound of the exhaust and don't put lots of money...