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  1. Richard B

    Stripdown and explanation of the K24 engine.

    If you watch Mightycarmods you've probably seen this guy from Haltech performing engine tunes. Here he is talking about why the K24 is a well built engine engineering wise, and a popular base for performance tunes.
  2. Richard B

    self leveling headlights

    Mk7 Question: Is the self-leveling adjuster (the motor part) that adjusts stock HID headlights according to suspension input the same unit that adjusts the position of headlights in the wagon?
  3. Richard B

    The relay of no return

    Stupid things happen. My 1994 VTI wagon has a parasitic drain on the battery. So am poking around with a multimeter trying to find the culprit, and I pulled a few fuses and relays in the process. As I'm fumbling with one of the RC2225 relays, it slips out of my hand and falls down past the...
  4. Richard B

    Can a malfunctioning alternator blow the main fuse?

    This happened on a Gen 5 Accord, but the issue applies everywhere. Changing the alternator on a Gen 5 Accord I noticed that the inspection cover of the 80Amp battery fuse had partially melted. The fuse is still intact, but obviously had come close to vaporising at some stage. Has anyone seen...
  5. Richard B

    Ozhonda forums shutting down after 15 years

    It had been dying for years, with the quality of the site slipping into something halfway to 4chan, just nonsense, really. But people were also occasionally helpful, and posted some great build projects and documented procedures. The site owner, long MIA, has decided to pull the plug, and...
  6. Richard B

    Headlight adjustment

    Does anyone have a photo of what a properly adjusted right side headlight (driver's view - UK model) looks like when projected against a wall? Right side only - ie. left headlight covered up or disconnected. Driving light, not high beam. The pattern projected by my rhs headlight is vague at...
  7. Richard B

    Washer pump and front grille weirdness

    I pulled off the front bumper to investigate a headlight problem, and also discovered the reason why the windscreen washer fluid bottle leaked out 80% of water every time I filled it up! I figured this is a HID headlight washer pump. But my car does not have HIDs. It does have lots of...
  8. Richard B

    Where were the Gen7 CM2 cars made?

    Does anyone know which Honda factory made the Tourer models? I've kind of ***umed they were from Japan but I've never read anything to support that.
  9. Richard B

    Gen 7 headlight conversion

    The high beams in my headlights are H1 halogen sitting in a converter that turns the base into what looks like a H7 2 blade connector. The base is what fixes the bulb ***embly in place. Does this mean that a H7 bulb actually can replace the H1 + base ***embly? I don't have any H7 bulbs to...
  10. Richard B

    Small knock felt through steering column

    I'm trying to figure out if this is the start of a problem. Using the accelerator to transition from coast to just the edges of supplying drive, I can feel the tiniest of knocks through the steering column as the engine and drive train "load up" There is no sound ***ociated with this. I'm...
  11. Richard B

    When did Honda offer HID as a factory option?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what year HID became a factory option on new Hondas? Was HID offered on any of the 7th Gen Accords? Thanks.
  12. Richard B

    radio unlock code

    My car did not come with any information regarding the unlock code for the console unit. What do people suggest would be the most straightforward way to get this code? I think I saw some old paperwork that came with the car that states the original UK registration. Thanks.
  13. Richard B

    2 pod Nissin (Type R) calipers - new question

    Type R parts are difficult to find over here, so I'm looking to take the 3.5L Legend option. Looking for background info on this, a local brake pad supplier claims these cars use the same brake pads: HONDA ACURA TL (USA) 1999 - On ◄ Front HONDA LEGEND 4Dr, 2Dr COUPE - Some Models 1999 -...
  14. Richard B


    Unwelcome find. Lower bell housing fastener. When I changed the manifold I worked under the car with the car on ramps, and didn't notice this. But when I put the car on jack stands to change the oil here must have been a slight bending force on the motor / transaxle unit. And this popped up...
  15. Richard B

    Tow bar question

    Does a Gen 7 sedan tow bar fit the Tourer? Thanks.
  16. Richard B

    2 bolt manifold heat shield

    Hi folks Anyone know where to source a 2 bolt exhaust manifold heat shield? I can't find any online but perhaps I am not using the correct search terms. I've had to make a modification to temporarily fit a 3 bolt heat shield to fit a 2 bolt aftermarket replacement manifold. Where do the 2...
  17. Richard B

    i-CTDi exhaust layout question

    Hi folks. I'm having a bit of trouble finding this info. The exhaust path on a 2.2L i-CTDi Accord (Tourer, but that probably makes no difference) is: Manifold > Turbo > Catalytic Converter > bend/ flex > ????? > long pipe > rear ****ler pod > outlet The ????? section is the big can under the...
  18. Richard B

    oil in turbo outlet

    I'm halfway into the manifold replacement procedure. I'm doing it slowly because it's nearly 40 degrees C in my driveway... When I pulled the compressor hose off the turbo, I was working from underneath, and I noticed a small bit of oil in the outlet. Not much, just some accumulated drops...
  19. Richard B

    Official weight for 2006 Gen 7 diesel Tourer

    Hi all I wonder if someone can help me with this. To register my car in NSW I needed to list the weight of the car (they charge registration by weight here). I drove my car onto an official weight bridge and got a 1,580 Kg certificate (seems a bit heavy, but whatever) But I also need the...