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    Diesel holding back at 3000 rpm

    Hi all. Just a little help, recently I have noticed that my diesel is holding back at about 3k. And absolutly no pickup on a small incline at 45mph in 5th. And will not give me more than about 3200 in 5th (107mph aka on a tiny incline) Equally if you allow a steady throttle build up to about...
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    Fuel return line

    Dead simple question. The fuel return line on the i-cdti engine running from the fuel rail to the pump... should it have a clamp at each end? I am on about the one which is about 8mm diameter. Only reason for asking is that mine hasnt and I am trying everything to find the recent contineous...
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    EODB 1260 ISSUE

    Hi all, not sure where best to post this but since I have a 7th gen then figured this would be a starting place. I have a Galletto 1260 cable and software problem. I have a windows 10 laptop and I cannot get it to read my ECU no matter what I try. I have tried the following in the order...
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    Not limp home but sort of the same

    Hi all. I am at a bit of a loss with my cdti tourer. She freqently goes in limp home mode (LHM) and recently shes been doing the same but without flagging up the glow plug sign on the dash. I discovered it when doing about 55 behind a truck, I went to over take and she wouldnt rev past 2200. I...
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    VSS 3rd attempt?

    Hi, new to this forum but looking for ***istance from peoole in the know. I have just taken out my vechicle speed sensor (VSS) on my MK7 Tourer diesel, having had mutliple issues with the speedo being hapazard and now not working at all. Originally taking it out the VSS had a silver cap...