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    vibration on accelerating

    Have now tried 2 used honda, and one new Blueprint driveshafts to combat this shaking on acceleration.Tyres wheels balance all ok, rotated front back no change.Has to be an engine mount now as it's pulling it out of 5th gear when shaking.Have replaced upper gearbox mount no change, lower bracket...
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    EGR cooler, coolant leak ?

    Hello all My 04 diesel tourer now on 187k has developed what I think is a coolant leak from the egr cooler.As I have got rid of windows 7 ( now using Linux ) I dont have access to the workshop manual I had, and was wondering if there is a pipe or o ring round the back of the ***embly next to...
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    50% off oil at euro car parts

    Guys, half price oil at Euro car parts for the next 13 hrs. T.J.
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    freak charging system fault

    Had permanent battery charge light on, and read code P2004 IMRC solenoid last week, Alt test :- Battery voltage at rest 12.6 Meter tested alternator, output only 11.7 on tick over, 9.8 when given electrical load ,lights, air con, heated rear window etc. Conclusion :- goosed alternator...
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    oil leak rocker cover

    Morning gents Have discovered serious oil leaks front and rear on my accords rocker cover which is running onto both the intake manifold, exhaust manifold and it's coating the sump as well. I replaced this after fitting new set of timing chains about 18 mths ago and cannot find a tightening...
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    shockers handed or not ?

    Evening gents Just a quickie are the front shock absorbers handed ? had a reply from a seller saying the shocks I had asked a price for would be suitable if they were NOT handed, and the headlamps where NOT xenon ? As the headlamps take H1 bulbs I'm ***uming they are not, but as to the shocks...
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    spare wheel securing

    Afternoon gents I have a full size spare wheel rattling about in my 04 diesel tourer, does anyone have the part numbers for the securing /clampdown bolt and washer, (they are showing in the Lings diagram L29 but not in the price menu ). Alternatively, do the securing bolts/ washers for any...
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    Inner driveshaft cv joint stuck tight

    ​​ ​Hi Guys I have a leaking passenger side gearbox driveshaft seal, I can't get it to budge at all ,prybars ,wrecking bars of all sizes, any recommended techiques on an 04 diesel tourer? The one purcase point on the sloping inboard rim of the gearbox casing I had used is starting to become...
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    front doors interchangeable ?

    I need a front drivers door for my MK7 Diesel 04 tourer, will one from a MK7 saloon fit ?
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    damaged flywheel timing

    The DMF~ clutch is shot in my car but usable for now tho not daily .It has been starting ok ish until recently but it has been getting steadily worse to the point it wont go without easy start now. New oil, filters,honda fuel filter etc... degunked egr swirl flap intake, map amd MAF cleaned...
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    Recommended rear brake disc+ pad set for 04 diesel tourer ?

    Does anyone recommend any of the aftermarket manufacturers for rear discs and pads on a 04 diesel tourer, or have any brands supplier to avoid. ? I have found a few, but many (looking at the photographs and spec of them on the various sites) seem to lack the opening for the access plug...
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    car delivered today fault code p 1384

    Hi all, Well the beast finally arrived today, the previous owner had lost heart and more or less abandoned it, so went and bought a new car, due to the Hondas repetitive rough running ~ difficult starting phase which has obviously brought him to his decision. The service history from him and...