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  1. ruggerpt

    k20a6 engine mods?

    Hiya guys, I have a 2003 honda accord executive with the k20a6 engine. 155bhp is nice but I'd like to try and squeeze out 180-190 is this possible without having to remortgage?! If so what mods would you recommend? I have a high flow panel filter on the way and am going to get a ss cat back...
  2. ruggerpt

    2.0 exhaust options

    hi guys another noob question again did a search but couldn't find much relevant lol, i want to upgrade the exhaust system on he accord but i don't want a screaming big bore exhaust, i want the extra performance from a more free flowing exhaust and while i do want a nicer note to it as well i...
  3. ruggerpt

    executive trim to type s trim

    hi guys and girls maybe? lol i have just joined the accord club again after a few years and couldnt be happier, long story short iv bought myself a 2004 2.0 executive model (yea i know, not the 2.4 sadly) i bought it mainly for the comfort and fuel economy over the 2.4, however i really really...