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  1. Drifterex

    Euro r recaro in 07 type s

    Hi folks, I have a full euro r interior, that I'm hoping to fit to my 07 Type S, but I'm a bit unsure of what I need to do, as regards the airbag light, and front seats. I've seen what I would consider horror stories of tearing passenger seats apart to get sensor units etc, but I've seen a post...
  2. Drifterex

    07 Accord door mirror cap removal problem

    Hey folks, Can someone offer some advice on a CL7 mirror cap removal. I want to have them hydro dipped so was trying to remove them, but couldn't find any tutorial for my model, so I had a go, but I think I've messed up. The only screw I could see was underneath where the mirror pivots (power...
  3. Drifterex

    07 Accord wiper and spray problem

    Hu guys, This evening on the way home from work I sprayed the jets onto my windscreen, the wipers started as normal, but then stuck in the upright position, and no setting on the wiper start will move them, and the washer jets don't work now either. Any suggestions please?
  4. Drifterex

    CL7 wheel offset

    Hi all, and I apologise in advance for the question and when I did a search there was a lot of similar questions, but not a definite answer. I have a 07 Accord Type S and the standard wheels are really nice but I think I fancy a change. Are these wheels 7" or 7.5" wide, and is the offset 55...
  5. Drifterex

    K24 into a 2007 K20 Accord

    Hi guys, Just a thought, but how much would be involved in swapping a K24 into my K20z2 powered Type S? Is it the same gearbox? Cheers.
  6. Drifterex

    Tss induction kit issue

    Hey guys, I got a TSS Tuning induction kit and fitted it a few minutes ago. Fitted up fine and everything plugged in where it should etc, but the problem I'm having is they sent it with some sort of universal bracket, so it's not anchored to anything so feels fairly wobbly as the only thing...