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    Alarm again

    Central locking works fine, just alarm system isn't engaging and no flashing red light in the dash. What's the quick fix please. New batteries for the fob for starters?
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    Jack set and space saver for tourer.

    I absolutely hate travelling around with just a bottle of goo and a mini compressor so I found someone selling a 17" space saver together with a loose jack set for reasonable money. For one reason or another I only received the space saver so after ebay found in my favour I'm now looking for a...
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    Another faulty tailgate

    Having read around the issue I'm pretty sure the loom is partly broken hence the partial failure which powers open and shut but doesn't completely latch and I can't open manually. It's not the fault finding and repair I'm too bothered about it's mucking about with the headliner. How easy is...
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    Gen 2 parts for sale
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    AC compressor fix

    Mine needed replacing so I doubled down on a second hand unit from fleabay (tested apparently) and a compressor pulley refurb kit that took about two months from China. The pulley kit looks remarkably well made but is smaller (by about 10mm diameter) compared to an original pulley. My question...
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    Hidden fuse box?

    Odd one, had an intermitantly loose connection on my O/S headlamp bulb so most of the time it would work until I hit a bump and then I'd give it a thump to get it back Thought I'd finally sort it by reaching in by hand and having a fiddle but access is poor as you know but it seemed I managed...
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    Stage 2 remap and EGR blanking from Premier Tuning

    Thanks to Fahad for travelling South and remaping my tourer, fast and efficient service it pulls like a train especially mid-range. He's also far too good looking to be getting his hands dirty, so said my soon to be ex-wife. ;) All the best.
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    Another tailgate issue.

    Thought I'd dodged most of them, hoping someone will read this and know exactly what the problem is. When the tailgate lowers remotely it doesn't latch and I can't open it either remotely or manually. When I slam it shut manually I can open it remotely but not manually. I'll get some contact...
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    Think this'll fit?

    There seem to be quite a few post facelift grills available from Russia, never have liked the chromed grill on the face of mine...
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    STUCK front ABS sensor ( can it's wire be cut and resoldered?)

    As part of front suspension overhall I want to remove knuckle to replace bottom ball joint (See STUCK LCA bolt) anyhow you guessed it ABS sensor bolt broke and sensor is stuck fast nor can I get to the loom connection very easily. Normally I'd do the right thing and drill it all out and retap...
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    STUCK BOLT - replacing front lower control arms.

    Thought I'd do it on a nice day but I'm not surprised, bolt is well an truly stuck inside the sleeve. I used plenty of heat to get it unscrewed from the captive nut but it's stuck with no room to drive it out. It's being soaked overnight in pentrating fluid but I doubt that'll work, do I have...
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    Member Vehicle I.D

    It's not a problem but it was handy knowing what model the member posting had at a glance with the old forum, saves asking halfway down a thread. I belong to a few technical forums where they insist on putting your spec details in your signature, oils the wheels of the forum so to speak.
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    AC pressure switch part number?

    AC is playing up and I've been told it's the compressor. Still I'd like to change the pressure switch as it's a common fault. Am I being dim, I can't seem to find the AC circuit anywhere in the catalogue?
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    Ball joint splitter tool - size?

    I'm hoping to refurb the front lower arms and manual says 28mm ball joint splitter required for front joints, is that the dimension of the jaw required to tuck the tool under the ball joint boot or how wide the tool needs to be able open? Thanks for the clarification, I only seem to be able to...
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    Has anybody use Autodoc for spares?

    As the ***le says, it has a really good search and parts ID facility and prices are keen even when including postage from Germany.
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    Sporadic rear end knocking?

    happening every now and then and just developed lately and it's annoying me. Thought it was crap I had in the spare wheel well banging bout but no, what could the usual suspects be drop links and anti-roll bar bushes?
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    Changing alternator

    Hi chaps I don't own or even looked under the bonnet of a 6th gen accord but a retired neighbour is convinced I can fix theirs after seeing the hours I've spent under my own Honda, silly boy. It's a bog standard petrol (1.8) saloon but before I test it, agree to have a look or get in too...
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    Strut bar/brace for diesel tourer

    I know, I know only jewellery and ten years too late but I have now lowered my oil burning estate and I can't seem to find one, will a strut brace for a petrol accord fit? I did see Fahad's thread on this ages ago but I can't seem to find it again.
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    Radiator replacement compatibility

    Had a bit of a mare the other day, basically I managed to damage the lower valance as well as the rad and fans as the jack slipped off the front subframe. My stupid fault for being in a rush but that's just the half of it, anyhow damaged rad is already radsealed so I was going to get a...
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    Front disk backing/dust plates

    I don't want to pay Honda prices if I can help it, (I could get them laser cut in marine grade stainless for that) any aftermarket sources I could try mine resemble tea bags atm?