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  1. Puppy

    delimma to upgrade

    Cool ;)
  2. Puppy

    delimma to upgrade

    Dave, you car looks sweet as it is........however there is always room for improvement, and I think the blades would be better. It would be nice to see a Photoshop though, just to confirm ;)
  3. Puppy

    AUDI RS6 - Paint Correction

    Great job! Love the colour ;)
  4. Puppy

    knocking felt when accelerating and braking

    ARB link?
  5. Puppy

    Bought one today!

    Love that colour ;)
  6. Puppy

    HID kits The definitive guide

    I think Oz is running 3000k's (I gave them to him ;) )
  7. Puppy

    Review DIY - Tein Comfort Sport / CS coilovers

    Dave, I heard you got yours from a nice Scottish chap, on the cheap!
  8. Puppy

    New life with my Accord

    He'll go anywhere.... or meet you half way :lol: Eh faddy ;)
  9. Puppy

    Change the exhaust system

    Zoran, you would be better to get one custom made, I had mine done on my old 2.0l petrol accord by the same guys who did Faddy's Here are some pictures
  10. Puppy


    That's **** bad news :o Get in touch with Si's(LUVMYACCORD) tuning guru (I'm sure he's in your area) pretty sure he'll be able to help with a diagnosis!
  11. Puppy

    Its finally arrived!

    Dan, that noise is pure ***, and the box looks as good as it sounds!
  12. Puppy

    55w 10000k HID's ?

    Glad you still like the 3000k 's Oz :P
  13. Puppy

    ABS and VSA lights still on after replacing ABS Sensor

    What happened on my car (much to my embarrassment) was that I didn't remove all of the swarf after drilling out the old sensor, which quickly destroyed the sensing ring on the bearing. New bearing was about £90 ( pattern) £120 ish for OEM :blush: .
  14. Puppy

    dim HID xenons and sidelight bulb replacement

    Is it due to the bulb or the ballast?
  15. Puppy

    AirCon Smells

    Ben, my A4 has no smells either, however my 7th gen was a different story, couldn't get rid of the smell no matter what I tried. :blush:
  16. Puppy

    Whistling Noise

    Have you checked in the boot?, maybe you locked the wife in there and she's getting bored :lol:
  17. Puppy

    Accord Big Day

    Lovely, but then I'm biased :lol:
  18. Puppy

    Accord Big Day

  19. Puppy

    Thanks for the birthday wishes

    Thanks for the birthday wishes