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  1. honda_saj

    locked out keyless entry help

    Hi, I had problem with battery and was checking when i put keys into ignition and closed the door, somehow the doors locked and stayed locked, i have a spare fob but it will not work as ignition is on i had a look at wiring diagram from where i can see it is wired through ignition barrel. I was...
  2. honda_saj

    brake pads for tourer 2003

    Hi Guys, can someone please tell me what type of fitment brake pads are on accord tourer 2003 2.4 cm2. I had them on my pc which i dont have access to right now. Thanks. Saj
  3. honda_saj

    Facelift differences

    Does anyone know what 2003 pre facelift differences are can a pre facelift be easily modified ? Sent from my LG-K100 using Tapatalk
  4. honda_saj

    Forum upgrades

    Hi members, Let's discuss possible forum upgrades no moaning just positive comments please: 1. Increase likes daily quota 2. Fix tapatalk likes issue 3. Upgrade user interface 4. Tidy up and merge some posts Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  5. honda_saj

    electrical help required

    Hi There, While driving today the honda went dead all dashboard lights went off, radio off and everything, i managed to re start car, but when i got to petrol station the car refused to start no interior lights, no headlights nothing, just hazard and horn which im sure are wired direct to...
  6. honda_saj

    Clutch gone down again

    Yesterday after leaving the petrol station I couldn't select any gear prior to that the gears were stiff but selectable the night before I had some juddering while driving. Checked fluid and was really low topped up and no joy the clutch pedal is not springing back up ? About four months I...
  7. honda_saj

    Terraclean opinions ? Has anyone had done if so share your experiences also any comments welcomed Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  8. honda_saj

    Clutch pedal

    Quick question is the clutch pedal for petrol and diesel the same I know there is two types of clutch pedal one with one sensor and another with two sensors. Can the diesel one fit into petrol car my ***umption is they are the same ? Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  9. honda_saj

    Key chip programming

    Hi people, I have got a spare key cut and remote programmed I bought a second hand key and removed fob and transponder chip however I need this chip to he coded to vehicle using hds ? Anyone near london that has a hds diagnostic ? Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  10. honda_saj

    Oil warning light honda accord 2.4

    Hi people do you guys have to top up oil between services or not ? As I have had my oil light flash up, I topped up about a month and just saw light flash again. Regards, Saj Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  11. honda_saj

    fan and clutch pedal

    Hi, Have 2 questions as a proud new honda accord owner; (honda accord, cl9, 2003, type s, 2.4) 1) when vehicle is stationery the cooling fan comes on every few minutes for a few seconds and then turns off is this normal for this type of engine ? 2) the clutch pedal has catches when pressed as...