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  1. crespo

    Seats sliding when braking/cornering hard

    This is a very common problem. I had it on mine and as for as im aware nobody as of yet has posted a fix. To be honest i was to lazy to get under and attempt to tighten the bolts that secure the seat but its definitely worth a try.
  2. crespo

    speaker upgrade

    I did to mine and to be honest it wasn't really worth it. All i gained was rattles.
  3. crespo

    Where to connect heated car seats?

    Just cut the loom and find the positive and negative and attach it to any switched 12v supply like the ignition switch and ground the negative to the chassis. pretty simple really. Not sure about the heated side of things but to get the things moving any 12v supply will do.
  4. crespo

    MTEC H1's

    i tried those on my old Merc and nigh time vision was horrendous. Go easy at night
  5. crespo

    Petrol mpg

  6. crespo

    Petrol mpg

    I was probably getting between 30 and 35mpg out of mine. It was actually surprisingly good round town but pretty poor on a run due to the relatively high gearing.
  7. crespo

    Anyone written to Honda UK reagrding DPF?

    I think you will be lucky to get any form of contribution from Honda towards a DPF. All manufacturers suffer from DPF issues and not one is going to set the president by offering a replacement or a contribution because it will open the floodgates.
  8. crespo

    Bose Speaker Size

    bare in mind that most Bose speakers are 2ohm and pretty much all aftermarket speakers are 4ohm
  9. crespo

    Headlights - Are they Xenon or Halogen...?

    Its to help absorb condensation. Like the things you get in the box when you buy new trainers. They are supposed to be in there.
  10. crespo

    Headlights - Are they Xenon or Halogen...?

    They are not real xenon or a high intensity discharge (HID) bulb. There is a big difference. Unless you put something like this under your bonnet they were not xenon bulbs.
  11. crespo

    Headlight outer surfac & foglamp condensation/corosion

    this will sort your headlights. Yes there is a UV protective film which is why it is important to use a sealant after polishing...
  12. crespo


    No he wont if he doesn't make a claim.
  13. crespo


    All you need is the registration and you can find out instantly.
  14. crespo


    Nothing is in it for him, He is just being decent. And you won't need to fill out the "declare any non fault accidents" bit on his next insurance quote.
  15. crespo


    if you like the car it may be worth doing it outside of insurance as long as you get it done were you want it done. You would be amazed what the insurers write off these days. And besides not everyone is trying to pull a fast one give the guy the benefit of the doubt, notify your insurance but...
  16. crespo

    compatible front wing

    They are both the same.
  17. crespo

    7th gen facelift flat wiper retrofit

    Were you using genuine Honda flat blades or rerofit wipers. Nobody has had issues with the genuine wipers.
  18. crespo

    Combining the Executive with a Type S

    This is exactly what i did to my Accord. And by the way the premium sounds system is far from premium. But worth doing for the sunroof and leather etc.
  19. crespo

    Supercharged CL9?

    Actually Nobles are very reliable beasts, The engine is from a 2.5 Mondeo (with a couple of turbos bolted to it and some strengthening) believe it or not so is a well proven engine and the build quality is top notch. This isn't a TVR. Personally i think they look horrible and couldn't live...
  20. crespo

    Supercharged CL9?

    Cost of my Merc £4200 Cost of gen AMG bodykit and paint £2000 Dual Exhaust £600 Coilovers £600 + £200 to fit Add to that a 6.3 AMG engine fitted for £7k and a big brake kit £1.5k I already have the gearbox in my car and it comes to a total of £16.100 The cheapest CLK AMG 63 i can find is...