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    Front left brake is binding, what could be reason

    Front left brake is binding, i recently lubricated all pins and pads sides. The left wheel start to bind , not too bad , the car moves, all grease came out in liquid form from pins due to heat Is there any difference in top guide pin and bottom guide pin ? What could be cause ?
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    Which aftermarket shock absorbers are best ?

    I want to change all struts of my diesel 2.2 2005 CN1 accord. Originals are 172€ per item Following is price of per item , TRW27€ Bilstein b4 80€ KYB 77 € Sachs 74 € All shocks are remommended for both diesel and petrol cars, however with Honda OEM thay have different parts numbers...
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    Are diesel struts / shock absorbers different from petrol ?

    Are diesel struts / shock absorbers different from petrol ? I know they have different part numbers but when i search for aftermarket struts e.g TRW, MONROE etc , they recommend same for diesel and petrol models. I remember once had diesel corolla the rod inside the shock absorber was thicker...
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    Diesel EGR valve cleaning, should i delete it ?

    I am cleaning EGR valve of my 2.2 diesel. I found the pipe was half blocked with black greasy gunk, i have cleaned it. Tomorrow i will take intake out as well and clean it too, now the question is that soon i would be driving car 800-900 km daily in extreme hot weather, should i delete the...
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    Rear axle bushings

    I have noticed that the rear wheels are cambered , top of wheels are inwards. There are some cracks in rubber bushings of rear control arms, i have decided to put all new bushings, i want to change all the bushings as replacing all control arms is not an economical option. i will do all work my...
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    Original Diesel filter really worth buying ?

    I want to know if original Honda diesel filter is really worth buying from Honda ? I bought same Bosch reference number filter from internet and i got a black colour made in Tunisia filter for 21€ , i heard car goes in limp mode if others than OEM are used . Oem is very expensive 50€
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    HELP ! 2005 accord CN1 - bosch diesel injector test report - do i need to change

    Copper seals were leaking , i took all injectors out and gave them to BOSCH service to test them on Bench, here is the report, the guys says that one injector is bad but still usable, and he recommended that if car is not giving any problems i shall keep on using them. Car was running...